Nuffnang turns 7!!!!

So yesterday was the Nuffnang birthday party which was held at Fullhouse at Clark quey! The place is so nice please. Super pretty decorations.

So the theme of the night was 007, as mentioned and this was my full get up:

Inner shirt with studded collars from I can't rem where + Zara spikes blazer + black shorts + SX's skinny black tie.

I wore my black glass wedges along with this look too!

So I arrived the venue with @tippytapp at about 7.15pm I guess? And guess what? We were the early ones!! Okay & @rachelltan was there already too!

Next time the invite must say "5pm" instead. LOL. 

Since we were early, @tippytapp & I decided to take pictures first before everyone arrives later and starts hogging the booth

Here's time for the pictures!

Full body shots w my camera

A picture with the man behind this whole thing.

Without him, there is no Nuffnang!!

@bossming - thanks for everything!!  & may Nuffnang continue to grow into something even more magnificent than it is now. Enjoyed our "chat" yesterday. Hahahaha!! "She's a bitch!" 

Catch up again soon & you still owe us a treat ah! With your "Michelin" chef. Lol!!

Some selfies with the "I Am Not Angmo" award winner: @tippytapp

We were seated at the same table so we were chatting nonstop the entire night and laughing at I can't rem what. But she called me an "ah lian". Hahahaha what!! I'm just vocal 

See you tonight! We have romantic dinner for 2 because @evonnz is a busy woman *ahem*

Speaking of @evonnz, here's one of the better pics of the night which we took & had it printed out on the spot!! 

She was late because of a casting that took place at Sentosa cove & she had an epic story for us after 

& another photobooth picture with @estherxie & @gwenyipsw my blog manager QX!!@thatkqxlah

And please spot @bunbunmakeuptips!! She super hardcore lah. She was just jokingly commenting on my dayre few days ago saying she would come dressed as a prisoner and I thought she was just kidding with me. So when I saw her walk into the restaurant I was like !! And starting shrieking because she looks so cute lah!

The happiest prisoner ever!

Another picture with the brother gang: @typicalben & @randyys

Okay last picture from the photo booth. 

& here is Nuffnang's birthday caked sponsored by emicakes according to our Bond theme!

I didn't even know it was a cake and mentioned to the Nuffies that someone may actually go and play/touch it because it doesn't look like a cake at all!!

& here is @bossming sharing with us a little on the history of Nuffnang and how much it has grown over the past 7 years.

I'm really glad & proud to be a blogger under Nuffnang because I know they are always striving for improvement and have this "never is enough" attitude that keeps us being the best blog advertising company! 

@jayneluv also shared with us a little secret that Nuffnang is working on & I'm so excited about it!!

Nuffnang, Huat ah!!!! 

If not for Nuffnang, I'll never be able to be exposed to so many opportunities (blogging wise). I'm really thankful & I am so motivated after @bossming & @jayneluv speech yesterday.

We as bloggers will definitely "up our game" and together with our talent managers, we will achieve much more than we did before!!

*ahem* @thatkqxlah this year the cheque I wanna x2 my amount ah. Wahahahaha!! 

& part of our night was entertained by the 2 talented singers @carrieyeo & Diya who is super funny!! 

They were singing fast songs to get the hype vibe going and occasionally some slow emo songs which I really appreciated :)

Thanks for sharing your voices with us yesterday!! 

& a picture from my camera (which sucks or either I suck because I don't know how to set the mode properly).

Thank god for Esther because if not for her sharing cab home with me, my cab fare would be crazy!

When the cab reached my house it was already $29!! & I heard they are gonna increase the cab fare too. 

Singapore standard of living =/= our salary. Damn it.

But it's okay. I can got my side-line income from Nuffnang! Hahahaha 


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