Hello all,
today's blog entry is going to be about all things pretty for your house or in my case, my room.
Ever since I cleaned and decluttered my room for Chinese New Year, I have been looking at shelves, home organizers as well as pretty decorations for my room.
Because my room is a place which I spend most of the time in when I'm home and I want it too look nice and cozy!
I didn't want to get the usual stuff from Ikea again because it is usually the same old thing and they usually sell items that are more for the home like huge drawers and cabinets.
So when this Singapore based Zakka webstore - When I Create - contacted me, I was really really excited and I just wanted to get everything that was selling on the website!
The store features uniquely hand-picked, craft materials and lifestyle products that are really whimsical and vintage-y. I can imagine opening a cafe and decorating it with all the items that the webstore has.
Don't believe me?
Just continue reading.

Here's 2 of the items that I've picked!

This Olivia Accessory Tray Holder caught my eye instantly because of the rustic feel and I've been looking for something like this for a long time but it is always so expensive that I can't bear to spend that kinda money.
But over here, the price is so reasonable: $25.00 sgd.

Now, when I come home & am too lazy to keep all my earrings, rings, necklaces back to their original packaging, I can just dump all of it on this accessory tray holder and my dresser would still look neat and presentable.
Oh, cute note: the birds attached to the tray holder is moveable!

Next item is my ultimate favorite!!
This Wooden Display Cabinet.

Decided to use it to store all my pretty makeup & place it on my vanity table.

& this drawer part will house all the lipsticks I have and I love that it is see through too!

& guess how affordable it is?

Only $32.00!

I was seriously shocked, in a pleasant kind of way, when I saw the price tag of it. Because I know that usually the retail prices for such items are above $50.00 at least!


I'm actually thinking about getting another drawer to complete my room decorations.
I even picked out a few other favorite items which I will list them out below..


Oh, nothing, just chilling with my new pretty mini cabinet.

So here's all the items that I got from When I Create.
The wooden cabinet.

The accessory tray holder.

& this minature wooden chair is the cutest I swear.
I haven't decided what I'm going to put on top of it yet but it is now sitting happily on my dresser too.

This would have came in handy when I was still a flight attendant.

They have just launched their latest collection before CNY and some of the items are already sold out!
Let's take a look at some of the other items that I adore.
This glass flower vase.

Carousel snow globe, need I say more?
This 4 by 3 shelving unit was next on my list!
I can already imaging housing some of my other make up in the different compartments.
Another shelving unit.
I am in this organizing phase right now and I plan to keep my room looking neat & chio!
For those of you who are interested to see the items physically, When I Create is having upcoming Pop-up bazaars at the following locations:
- 10-16 Feb, Juriong point (Level 1 near 7-11 and taxi stand) 10am to 10pm
- 17-28 Feb, United Square (Near Cold Storage) 10am to 9.30pm
- 22-23 Feb, Public Garden Flea (The National Library @ Bugis) 1 to 7pm.
I'm not sure if all the items will be sold at the bazaars, so you can try emailing or facebooking them to check before you head down!
So go on now & shop at:

Follow them on the following social medias too!
Facebook page: http://facebook.com/whenicreate
Instagram: @whenicreate


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