The Cajun Kings with Triple Bs

Went to The Cajun Kings few months back with my brother, birdie & boyfriend!

Yes, that's how I came up with the name, Triple Bs

It was my idea, well, most of the time when we go try out new food, I'm usually the one with the ideas because I read a lot of blogs and instagram posts so I always wanna try out all the places with great reviews.

The Cajun King is located at... I'm not sure of the exact address but I know its near serangoon area.

Only downside is the parking there.

But if you are dining at The Cajun King, there is free valet parking service so it all works out.

Us waiting for our turn because we arrived earlier than our reservation timing.

My darling birdie who looks so tiny next to me.

I actually don't hate being tall but my girlfriends are all so petite.
The only one who around my height is Megan. But she is like, 163 cm maybe?

& I'm like, 169 cm.. >.<

Yay, finally seated.

Birdie & my brother.

Selfie time.
Before anyone asks, this dress is from... shit. 
I can't remember if it is city plaza or bugis street.
But I remember it being cheap, like less than $22. 

I always manage to find awesome cheap clothes at the above 2 places.

The key to shopping is.. to go into ALMOST every shop and just scan through the racks to see if the clothes are of your style. If not, then just continue on. 

& for me, I'll never spend more than $25 for any item at either bugis street or city plaza. HAHAH. So whatever I buy from there are always affordable.

Aprons on!!!

Time to feast!

Here's some of the ala cartes we've ordered.
Sweet potato fries, garlic fries,  fish & chips, deep fried triple layer pork, butter frog legs & the last would be the soupy thing there. It is chicken broth with some meat and rice in it.

The fried frog legs are really yummy!!!

Like fried chicken wings but the meat was more.. how do I say it.. I can't think of the word but nicer lah!

& our star of the night!

The bag of seafood.

It consists of... mussels, prawn, corn and I can't remember what else.

We didn't order the crab or lobster because we were too full from our starters.

But I really kinda enjoyed the bag of seafood. The sauce was quite delicious and the prawns were really fresh!

The mess we made.

Oh, another thing to note when dining at The Cajun King is..

there are not plates or cutleries given to you.

So yes, we ate on the table with our bare hands.

Very very barbaric.

I will definitely be giving it another try.

The next time round I wanna order lobster and the bamboo clams!

I saw the next table having them and it looked so good.


Moving on... 

let's talk make up!

Even though I've received quite a number of sponsored cosmetics/skincare products, I still personally head out and purchase them myself.

I guess the shopaholic syndrome in me never dies.

Rihanna and Mac has this collaboration called "Rihanna Hearts Makeup" or something.

& this particular product caught my eye when I was reading through the collection online..

Hibiscus Kiss!

It has a bronzer/contour powder on 1 side (the one embossed with the words RIRI) and a blush color on the other.

I paid $45 for this. 
I think pretty worth it lah, the packaging and all so pretty!!!

& here's a swatch of the colors that I found online. Because I've not used the product yet.

& here's the full range from the Rihanna hearts makeup/mac collection.

The eyeshadow palettes aree really pretty too but I have similar eyeshadow colors so I decided not to.
SEE! I still have a little self control.

Got the above CC cream from Korea.
My cousin went to Korea for holiday and I got him to help me buy this.

Have yet to try this too.

How can I not buy anything from Stylenanda's 3CE!!

I got the Lip Lacquer in the colors:
XX Orange,
Bon Bon,
Show time.

In the above picture, I'm wearing Bon Bon all over my lips and XX Orange on the center part to create the gradient effect.

Pictures taken from Stylenanda's website.



I paid about Sgd $23 for each tube of Lip Lacquer & I think the price is pretty affordable.

At first I thought it was like lipgloss but it was not at all similar to lipgloss.
The colors are really pigmented and with just a little product, the colors can be spread over the entire lips. & the cool thing is, it gives a matte/velvety finish. But that can be a downside too, because it may end up being a little dry after awhile. 

But I am really digging the matte lips finish.

I would add a little lip gel over it to make it a little shinier if it gets too dry after awhile.

I foresee myself buying more of their makeup soon. HEHEHE.



Gonna sleep now.


Please be more patient with me.

Love you all.

Sweetest dreams everyone.


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