S K I N C - my daily dose

Was invited to SKINC's event last week and I had a great great time!!

For those of you who are new, you may wish to check out my previous SKINC blogpost here: http://lianmeiting.blogspot.sg/2013/06/skinc-event-product-review-more.html

So this was me after work on a Friday evening. 
Yes, hair was still in a mess.

Met up with my girlfriend for dinner before attending the SKINC event.

Mozza sticks.

My pan fried salmon.

Bird's scallop pasta which was not to my liking at all.
Too sweet.

& we headed to the ladies to touch up and make ourselves look presentable before heading to SKINC's store at ION Orchard, B3-42.

Took some selca first.


Okay enough, we were about 30 mins behind time.

We were all invited to get our very own customized SKINC serum on that day.

Step 1 - SKINC customized skin check
Step 2 - Identify the 3 serums you need
Step 3 - Mix-it-up in your favorite my daily dose bottle!


Because I've always wanted to do it but decided not to because I have too much skincare on hand BUT!! Thank god the lovely angels at SKINC read my mind and there I was. 


When we arrived, the entire place was PACKED with people. Guests from the Media, bloggers and many other skincare addicts. 

& here's a picture of us with Skin C's founder: Sabrina Tan. (The hot stuff in red)
& the writer of BeauteRunway on my right. 

Was glad to see familiar faces like Beatrice & Jessica there as well.

Rebecca Lim was there as well and we decided to ask for a picture.

& with the ever good-looking couple, Andrea & Pierre Png.

Jessica, super happy with this picture because she said she can crop everyone else away and just left with herself & Pierre Png. LOL.

Okay, enough of taking pictures.. 

let's get down to...

Customizing my own serum!

And why am I using an iPad instead of getting my skin checked?

See, what they do here is, they have a series of questions relating to skin conditions for you to fill up and based on your answers, a personalized serum will be created for you!

You'll get to pick a bottle of your choice of color..

and guess which color I got?

& here are all the "ingredients" behind the serum.

3 different types of serums will be picked for you based on the skin-questionaire I filled up earlier on and mixed for me!

So while the lady at SKINC went to "concoct" my serum, 

we decided to take more pictures!!

Noticed 2 familiar faces?

Tricia & Evonne both arrived shortly after.

A group picture with Jeneen, the brand manager!!

I was not happy with the picture taken earlier with Pierre Png because I was standing at the far corner so this time round I told Tricia, I MUST BE NEXT TO HIM!! 

Okay, satisfied.

JESSICA!! I also can crop everyone away. HAHA.

A last picture with Sabrina & the man behind the idea of printing out instagram pictures instantly!!

Super cute right!!
It looks exactly like instagram can. Check out my profile pic on the top left hand corner. hehe.

Next time my wedding can hire them. HAHAH.




So here's my review on the SKINC my daily dose serum which was created specially to suit my skincare needs!!

I'm currently still using SKINC's Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask which I purchased at the last event. Yes, I liked it so much that I purchased it on the spot. 

So, did you guessed it right?
I took the pink bottle.

& here's the serums that were mixed in for me to suit my skincare needs.

Hyaluronic - It helps replenish dehydrated skin.
Ceramide - It reinforces skin from rough, sensitive or dry skin.
Placenta - It revitalises skin that suffers from pigmentation, freckles and dullness.

See all the different color 'beads'?

Yeap, each tiny caviar inspired encapsulated serum is packed with all the power goodness ready to pamper and give your skin the best it can get!

♥  Meiting's review ♥

Personally, I really love this idea because with just 1 bottle of [ my daily dose ] serum, I can actually target 3 or more different skin issues which I have. I no longer have to decide if I should use my whitening serum tonight or the hydrating one because I hate applying more than 2 layers of serum as it feels really thick. 

So this brilliant idea from SKINC is really a huge lifesaver because now.. I can condition my skin with 3 serums in 1 bottle. 

1 stone kill 3 birds?

And also, the serum gets absorbed into my skin really quick. It is light in texture and it has no added scent and is paraben free. *thumbs up!

I foresee myself going to purchase a 2nd bottle of my daily dose when I'm done with this. & I want to have other serums added in!! I want to create, Vitamin C + EGF + Q10 into a daily dose bottle!

So yes, SKINC's my daily dose serum has found a place in my heart. 

Or rather, a place in my overflowing skincare drawer.

But, I've been bias and been using my daily dose serum 4 days in a row already!!


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