and the wedding bells goes..

This post is kinda backdated as you can tell from my manicure below!

Haha, I've had this set of nails on me for more than 1 month already!! Have been too busy to go for new nails and I didn't have the time to blog about it too. OH NO.

This set of nails really made me smile when it was done.

Am very into the monochrome phase right now.

The details.

I really love it!!

And the amazing thing is that it is all hand-drawn on 1st try. No re-dos or anything. 

& here is bird's nails!

She love the 'tweed' design so she got something similar from her previous set of nails.

Here's details you'll need to get awesome nails like us!!

Love & Pamper Nails
Bugis Street (K Street), 
ABSL #02-24/25 @52 Queens Street,
Singapore 188539
 (You may access from the staircase next to 我愛台妹)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1.00pm to 9.00pm

Call or text to book appointment: 9851 4242


My OOTD for SX's friend's wedding few months back.
Love the dress SO much.

Make up for the day. 

With the other girlfriends that day.

There were photographers to take pictures of us and print it out instantly!!

Even have props for us to pose with. 
So cute!

& the above are the printed pictures.
I love it!

Boyfriend was at another wedding (yes, 2 weddings in a day) so I had to go for the wedding alone first and he came about 3 courses into the dinner.

The must-have at every wedding to sabotage the groom.
Contains: raw egg, red wine, beer, martell and I can't remember.

I worry for our wedding in the years to come... because I'm the one who initiated this, along with Esther. HAHAHA

& Shunxiong arrived!! :)))

With the huge group of boyfriend's friends and their partners.

Took the buggy back to the villa after the wedding dinner.

& no time was wasted, they jumped right into the pool.

We decided to stay dry.



They trashed the honeymoon villa.
The above cushion was thrown into the pool!

Tired boy after his "shower" in the pool.

Chair also can go in.


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