The tiny ones.

Hello everyone!!

Sorry for being MIA again. Its been a week? I don't know why but I feel like I'm losing the mood to blog already! Omg this is so sad. I used to be super enthusiastic and would blog every 3 days at least. 

I hope this is just a phase.

Because I have so much to share.

So many events, dates, food outings, beauty products and services that I've experienced.

So yes, I will be definitely posting more of those soon.

In the month of July, it was my nephew, Tian En's birthday! :))

He got lotsa presents..

He was ripping open the wrappers as quick as he can.

& all he got was cars cars and more cars.
That's his favorite.

However the Cars toys that I bought for him was so difficult to set up.
We needed the help of 4 men to build it.
LOL, seriously.

& know what is the cutest?
Desmond & his son shares the same birthday!!!
He was saying everyone only got stuff for his kid and he had nothing.
HAHAHA, too bad lah, your kid stole all the limelight.

He was so happy that day like christmas came early.

And after that, about 10+pm, I left Bukit Timah & headed down to Clarke Quay for Esther's birthday party!

Attempted a OOTD shot at Macdonalds.

Very happy because it was the 1st time Juan came to party with us after having little Lyla.

Toilet shots are mandatory.

I know you love me lah. 

The girls.

& boys will always be boys.

All really happy!!!! :)

& check out my super hiong hand jewellery.
Got it during a sale!

Say whut?!

1 of my favorite clubbing partner.


Esther with her boyfriend & his homies.

Dancing on the podium whole night.

In my own world.

I have a thing for caps now.
But I only wanna wear them to take pictures and not for the entire day out.

With my readers, she came up to me and said "you are lian meiting right! I read your blog!" and we started partying together. LOL.

Some of our other friends who came later.


Have been partying pretty often nowadays.

Well, compared to the past I have already cut down alot. LIKE alot. But recently maybe, twice to thrice a month?

Some people always say they don't understand why must people club. What is so fun about it. Blah blah blah. It is actually the company you are with. Along with the music and some drinks, you get to let your hair down, party with your close friends and even partners. I do club with SX. On the other hand, we also allow each other to club without each other but not too often lah. Because I understand that sometimes guys need their own time with their friends just like how I would love to have a girls night out with no boyfriends tagging along.

I know there will always be that sick thought of "cheating". Like what if some sluts come along and try to flirt with my boyfriend and stuff? Well,  I trust that he knows what to do and decline them or show totally zero interest and those girls will just move along. Likewise when I go clubbing with my girls, there are bound to be guys who tries to hit on us. Most of the time, we just totally ignore them or smile and just say we are not interested and continue what we are doing. And quite alot of the time, I will say something rather rude and bitchy to the guys and they will just be so stunned by the rejection and escape as fast as they can from our group. I think its how you handle these "temptations" and always remember at the back of your head that you are in a committed relationship to not do anything foolish. 

I'm not gonna lie, I used to get pissed drunk all the time. 
It was bad.
& it ain't pretty.

I ended up getting scolded by SX pretty much of the time because he said I was out of control and it was dangerous for a girl to be this drunk. But I am thankful to have a bunch of protective girlfriends who will take care of each other when we head out. No matter what, we make sure that we go to the club together and we go home together. 

So I guess, what I'm saying is: TRUST is the key.

But first, remember that..

trust must be earned.

& not given.

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