Beauty Reviews of September

I've been receiving quite a few make up and skincare these few months and I am super excited to try out each and everyone of them! 

Will be slowly reviewing all of them because I don't have enough free time to play with all of the products daily. 


I don't know why am I so busy every single day.

Was invited for a really fun event by The Body Shop.
Breakfast + shopping + makeover!


Something came up at home last minute and I had to miss it.

I was sooooo upset lah, I've already dressed up and all but I had to pull a "no show" last minute. 

Felt so bad :(

The new range of lipstick under the  COLOR CRUSH lipstick collection!

There are 24 different lipsticks altogether in this collection and it comes in different shades of RED / PINK / NUDE. 

I was given this really pretty shade of pink which is what I would totally wear.

Color code: 110 - Coral blush.

Did a swatch on the back of my hand and I was very impressed already.
Because the color was so rich and it is applied on really easily.

I love that the color is really pigmented 
how moisturizing it is.

I didn't even have to apply a layer of lip-balm before applying the lipstick like how I usually do.

My current favorite lipstick for the moment!

Go check out The Body Shop's Color Crush lipstick range for affordable lipsticks with amazing color payoff + super hydrating!! 


I was also sent this huge parcel of products by the kind people of sOmang.

For those of you who have not heard of sOmang, it is actually a popular beauty & cosmetics brand from KOREA! You may not have heard of sOmang but have you heard of this brand called 'Beauty Credit'? Well, Beauty Credit is the old name for sOmang!

I couldn't wait to try out this CC cream!!

It is the 1st CC cream that I've ever own and I've been hearing all the raves about how awesome CC creams are.

I've tested other brands' CC cream on my hand but I find that some are too oily and some of the coverage is too little so I did not buy any of those.

So my expectations for a good CC cream is quite high and frankly speaking, I was kinda worried that sOmang's Oceaniq CC cream may not reach my high expectations.

Really cute way of dispensing the product.
Just a tiny push and it pumps up enough product for your entire face.

Yes, this is the amount that I use for my entire face.

A little goes a long way! 

The CC cream comes on really white but don't be alarmed.

As you can see from pictures 1 to 4, it slowly changes color to suit your skin's natural shade.

So let's see how I find sOmang's CC cream.

The above picture was taken straight after I applied my makeup.

I had on concealer under my eyes and a layer of sOmang's CC cream + a light layer of Jill stuart loose powder to set the CC cream.

& this picture above was taken about 4-5 hours later and as you can see, the CC cream color did not oxidize and I am really thankful for that.

On the whole, I must say I am really enjoying sOmang's CC cream!

I would give it 8 out of 10.

The coverage is light but enough to even out my skin tone and it gives my face a really nice healthy finish. 

Only downside is that it does not control oil that well so I do feel that after a long day my face tend to look a teeny bit oily.

Here's more info about the product:
"The Sticky Liposome Technology technology enables the product components to reach the damaged parts of all skin layers, such as the dry, dark, and wrinkled parts and supply the components into our skin. It effectively revitalizes aging skin, helps face lifting and creates a long-lasting effect up to12 hours with only one use. Our CC Cream is a 5-in-1 skin care solution where it acts as a primer and foundation, provides UV protection with SPF 30/PA++, wrinkles repair and whitening. Its colour-changing blending technique will match your skin tone for an everyday natural look!"

Next product I have here is the Midnight Mild Peel Sleeping Essence.

I applied a thin layer of this before going to bed and washed it off the next morning. It is supposed to gently peel your skin to give you brighter looking skin the next day! 

I wouldn't use this daily though. Maybe 3x a week?

The last item that I've tried would be the Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream.

My first impression upon seeing the texture of the "gel" was: intrigued. 
It looks frosted. 

Like, thicker or something. The material of the gel is just different from the usual clear ones that I've been using.

Tried it on the back of my hand and guess what?!

After spreading the gel, it starts to become really watery. Check out the droplets of water that was formed on the back of my hand. It is not "thick" like how I thought it would be.

Even though it became really watery, it still really hydrated my skin. 

& best of all, it has properties for anti-wrinkle and whitening effect! :D

Here's more info about the product:
"Our skin cells are the most active between 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., it regenerate more quickly compared to during the day so it is critical to sleep during these hours. ONL by sOmang’s Midnight range provides natural healing therapy for tired and dishevelled skin caused by daily pressure and stress. Its aroma therapy gives added comfort that helps relax your skin. The hydro intense sleeping cream is a light water-based gel cream that provides deep hydration with anti-wrinkle and whitening effect while you are in deep relaxation. It forms a layer of protection that increases skin moisture retention and elasticity. This product promises a relaxed sleep and waking up to beautiful skin the next morning!"

Other products that I've receive by not yet tried out.

1. Cream gel facial sheet mask.
2. Hair treatment: To be used before blow drying/curling/straightening.
3. Makeup cleansing oil

Can't wait to though!

Currently, sOmang has a total of 4 outlets in Singapore an more coming its way this year! 


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