Sea Aquarium w Triple Bs

As the heading of this post says, this entry will be about my trip to Sea Aquarium at Sentosa.

Lunch at our favorite duck rice at Geylang.

I'm never a fan of duck rice.

Chicken rice for me any day! 
But this stall's got to be the best.
Pretty costly but so darn good.

You can watch the video that I made with here-&-there footage that I got. 
Didn't add in any music or what not, this is just a video for my personal keepsake.

Waiting to buy the tickets because, I thought I lost my tickets.
Turns out it is with Esther Chin all the while.

We bought the express tickets for $10 extra each because we went on a Saturday and the queue to enter is madness.

Fishies everywhere.

Triple Bs reunite.



Such pretty colors.

Am always intrigued by jelly fishes.

With my favorite boy.

It was a pretty fun experience but I don't think I'll return again.

Familiar faces. NEMO~~

Dinner was at Madam Kwan at Vivo.


Nasi Bojari.

Their chendol is damn good too!!

That's all for now.

I know there are many other entries which you all are waiting for..

- my hong kong trip
- SQ experience part 2
- my boyfriend's birthday staycation

are the top few requested ones.

I am trying my best to churn them out asap.

Will prolly do SQ part 2 & Hong Kong trip first.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Will be picking the Shu Uemura lipgloss winners tomorrow at 12pm!! 

It is 1.30am now.
Gotta crawl outta bed at 7am. 



  1. I want 6 ❤ Princess!! :)

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  3. The Sea Aquarium looks like a lot of fun! You might want to try Singapore to Johor Bahru as well. There's Legoland, Hello Kitty, and a lot more.

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