Studio Sands Pole Dancing School

I guess this may already be a given but for the benefit of those who don't follow me on instagram and don't already know this...
I've been taking up pole dancing for awhile now!
10 months to be exact!
Yes, I pole dance.
I know, before you start having those stereotypical thoughts in your head about how this form of dancing isn't "proper" enough, you are so wrong.
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I know of pole dancing friends who keep this hobby private and would never in a million years share it with their colleagues or family. Because they are afraid that people will judge them and is lazy to explain to them what pole dancing really is.
You know what pole dancing is to me?
It is a workout session.
You will work every single damn muscle you have on your body that you didn't even know existed.
It is a dance class.
Having to coordinate your moves and spins with the music is really not as easy as it looks.
It is a time I look forward to weekly to de-stress.
My pole dancing class is on every Wednesday and it always picks my mood up going for each lesson because it is a place for me to escape from my daily grind and just lose myself in the routine.
It is where I gather with like-minded who encourages one another.
The pole dancing community is a close knitted one, we are always ready to share and help each other out and give support (physically and mentally). Nothing makes me happier than to see a classmate mastering a move that was killing her the week before. & you'll never imagine the professions of my pole dancing mates, we have teachers, lawyers, accountants, housewives & even mothers.
I think the reason why people think that pole dancing is always linked to strip clubs and sleaziness is because we are usually wearing very little. But you need to first understand the reason for us wearing little.. we need the GRIP!
 (Picture source:
When I attended my 1st pole dancing lesson with my friend Esther, we were both wearing spaghetti and gym shorts and we saw other girls who were in higher levels walking around the dance school wearing nothing but sports bra or bikini tops and bottoms.
Fast forward 8 lessons on, we are a convert.
 We need as much skin grip as we can when we are hanging upside down on that pole and there is nothing sleazy about it at all.
As I've mentioned, I've been pole dancing for 10 months now and there are quite a couple of pole dancing schools in Singapore. I was recently invited to try out a session at the newly opened Studio Sands Pole Dancing School and I invited Esther, who has been pole dancing with me since lesson 1 till now, and Megan to come along too!

Studio Sands is located near Chinatown and the nearest MRT is Outram Park station.
23 Kampong Bahru Road

Here's a picture of me when I first arrived at Studio Sands.

It is a cozy and clean studio that can accommodate 1 class at each time.
There are different types of poles installed here, 40mm stainless steel poles which are easier for smaller hands and the 45mm chrome poles which are the international competition standards.
& can you see that bright pink pole in the above picture? This is a special "sticky" pole that is made of silicone to ensure that you'll be able to stick to the pole no matter how much clothing you are wearing. It is meant for training new trainees that require a lot of grips. pole pole

So here we are staring our warm up with our instructor, Yudan.

Warming up is really important no matter what exercise you are doing.
& yes, you can spot Megan laughing behind Esther because this is her 1st time attempting pole and she finds everything amusing.

Body roll time.

This was my 1st time trying out spinning pole.
What is spinning pole? Well, it just means that the pole... spins? Haha.
For the past 10 months, I've only been learning tricks, spins and climbs on static pole (stationary pole), and I decided to try out spinning pole because it makes every move look so much more graceful.

& here's YD teaching me a new trick.

& some moves for the choreography that she has planned for us.

& all of 3 did it together!
Our pole dancing teacher, YD, was really patient with us and not to mention friendly. She is incredibly dedicated and passionate in her teaching and she makes the class enjoyable and also keeps it safe as some moves can be quite dangerous.
Click on the short instagram clip below to see what spinning pole is like.


YD was demonstrating to us some moves.

& here's scorpio.

Can't remember what this was called..
But it was my first time trying it that day!

I've no idea what this was called but I told our teacher that we wanted to try a pose that could incorporate the both of us and they suggested this!
Haha, like a pro ah.

& this is what usually happens when we are trying to get a nice picture, a lot of adjusting here and there and hanging upside down for longer than we should. Haha.

Double goldrush.
This is another of the instructor's boyfriend and he is doing the chinese flag move here.
Isn't it so cool that he can pole too!?
I can't even do the move that he did lah.
Oh yes, before I forget, Studio Sands allows couples to learn pole dancing together too!
They have a course which is for couples or doubles (both males & females) to learn pole dancing over the course of 8 lessons!
(Picture source:
I have many friends who ask me if pole dancing is difficult as they are interested in joining but they doubt their strength and ability to do so. Some are worried about their size and weight because they feel that all pole dancers should be slim n fit. Which is NOT TRUE at all. I've seen girls of all shapes and sizes pole dancing and some girls who are heavier than me are doing tricks that I am struggling with ok!!
EVERYONE can pole dance.
As long as you can so much as run, you can pole dance too.
This is the promotion that Studio Sands is having right now, which is a super good deal!!
If you aren't really sure you can sign up for a One Time Trial class at only S$30.
60% off for beginner's!! 
$40 (usual price $120) for a mini-term of 4 lessons over a month
half price for your 2nd course!!! WHAT?
& if you are going with a friend, you get S$40 off!! 
Each course is a combination of pole tricks and a routine!
Pole dancing is definitely a fun sport if you and your girlfriends are thinking of being fit and yoga is too boring for you. Oops. I'm sorry if I offended yoga fans out there, I know yoga is really good for you (I'm thinking of signing up myself because I wanna get more flexible) but it is a little too zen for me.
I've never been more committed to a sport/hobby before & pole dancing has definitely been one that I will keep to until I get pregnant? Haha!
You can even have your hen's night or birthday parties held at Studio Sands!
I know for sure that's gonna be part of my hen's night activities.

23 Kampong Bahru Road 
Singapore 169349
Phone: (+65) 8452 2192 / (+65) 8233 1723


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