Darlie Expert White

Well, the above saying may sound corny to you but it is so very true. 

Imagine a really hot looking girl but the entire night she wears this stone cold look with no smiles. People will definitely assume that she is unapproachable and not much of a talker. 
In fact, when I was interviewing for the job of an air stewardess a few years back at SIA, I was pulled aside by one for the interviewers at the 3rd round. 
Why did she pull me aside for a pep talk? 
Well, she told me that I wasn’t smiling enough and I looked too serious during the interview. & told me that for my final 2 rounds of interview, I should smile more because that’s what SIA is looking for: warmth and a happy, friendly face. 

Besides helping you get your dream job, a smile can do many other wonders too. 
Like brighten up someone’s day, break down the cold wall of a stranger which may in turn become one of your BFFs, get you that extra help you need from colleagues, helps you de-stress and smiling makes you happier even when you are not in the mood. 

 But I understand that for some people, they tend to not smile not because they are unfriendly or trying to be cool, it is because they have stained teeth which they are embarrassed of. I mean, what good is a smile if it is not pearly white and clean?

(Picture found online, not mine) 
Just take a look at Lindsay Lohan, a pretty girl with not so pretty teeth.

& what’s the secret I’ve been using? 

Darlie Expert White toothpaste. 

I’ve been using this toothpaste for about 2 months or more now after reading Yina’s blog where she did an experiment (which I will be showing later) which made me a firm believer of this toothpaste.

Darlie Expert White is able to help prevent staining of teeth and tartar accumulation up to 80%!! 
Well, the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, and I couldn’t agree more. 

 Instead of spending hundreds and thousands on teeth whitening laser treatments, why not build a whitening shield over your teeth to prevent stains from food and drinks which we consume in our daily lifes? Smoking, consuming red wine, tea, coffee, berries, sweets and coca cola all contributes to staining of teeth.

This toothpaste contains Prophylaxis Silica-micro particles (PS-mp) which is an ingredient similar to what dentists uses for ultrasonic scaling and polishing. 
The Darlie Expert White is inspired by professional whitening treatments used in daily dental care to help give you 3x whiter teeth! 

So like how I always spam my face with sunblock before leaving the house to avoid getting pigmentation, using Darlie Expert White is my weapon to keeping my teeth clean. 

A research has been done to prove that 88% of respondent agree on its professional whitening effects.
If a statistic of a survey is not enough for you.. 

 Check out the video I did below:

The demonstration in the above video was what made me became a loyal user of Darlie Expert White.

See how the ordinary fluoride toothpaste did nothing to prevent the staining of HAP tablet which acts as the enamel of our teeth. 
On the other hand, the HAP tablet which was soaked in the Darlie Expert White solution remained clean. 

 So yes, this was how I was sold after wearing other blogger’s reviews.

Now that I have the perfect toothpaste, what I need is a good toothbrush! 

& I gave this Darlie Charcoal Spiral toothbrush a try. 

I was intrigued by the whole black toothbrush appearance because most of the time, the toothbrushes I use have white bristles. The Darlie Charcoal Spiral toothbrush has Binchotan charcoal which prevents bacteria growth as well as prevents & remove plague build ups! I remember reading about how Binchotan is known for its natural cleansing power and is found in daily use items like water bottle filters.

Another thing that I really appreciate about this toothbrush is the bristles are really slim and it can get into all the hard to reach places! 
It is even thinner than my dental floss so it really does a great job at going in between those tiny teeth gaps.

The clever design of this toothbrush provides a good and firm grip during brushing of teeth and I no longer suffer from slipping the toothbrush and end up injuring my gums. 
You have no idea how often I get ulcers due to the accidental toothbrush slips.

I love how the bristles are soft yet have a firm feel when I am brushing my teeth. I remembered using those cheap toothbrushes with really thick and hard bristles that hurts my gums like no tomorrow. Not only did it felt stiff, it did not do a good job at reaching into my teeth gaps. It also made my gums really sore so I threw it away after 2 days. 

This Darlie Charcoal Spiral toothbrush is really gentle on my teeth & gums. 


So I’ve been using these 2 babies for about 4-5 days now and they work like a charm. 
I like the texture of the toothpaste and the minty fresh breath I have after using it.

So yes, it has my likes & love.

The Darlie Expert White toothpaste is retailing at an affordable price of $5.90 for 120g. 

I bought it at a discounted price once when they were having promotion for 2 tubes of toothpaste and I ended up buying 4 of it. Kiasu Singaporean Syndrome.

Darlie Expert White B2G1 MUST BUY promotion at all NTUC FairPrice outlets. 
Savings of 30%! 
(Promotion only valid from 24 - 30 Oct 2013)

You can find the Darlie Expert White toothpaste at all leading department stores. :)

Ending off this post with 1 last quote.


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