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I cannot wait to share the following amazing cosmetics from Shu Uemura with you guys.

If you've noticed my skin looking more radiant and glowy these days, it is because of the change in foundation in my makeup routine.

This shouldn't be new to you guys because I think I'm one of the last bloggers to be reviewing this product. Hey! but its not because I'm inefficient okay, its just that, with my full time job, I can't attend tons of events as they are always held during working hours so I'll end up giving them a miss.

But the sweet marketing lady from Shu Uemura, Zee, took extra effort to meet me separately and introduce to me all the latest and cool cosmetics that Shu Uemura has launched.

So first up:

The Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation.

It really does what it says, "light up" your entire face.

& of course, that can only be achieved with their revolutionary lightbulb sponge.

Each lightbulb sponge is hand-finished at the end of the production process as it is expertly designed to allow anyone to achieve professional-level beauty.

Don't mistaken it for the beauty blender because the material used is totally different. 

This lightbulb sponge has the best balance of high density, elasticity and soft comfort on the skin.

And a + point would be that it is anti-bacterial so hygiene is not a worry here.

But of course, do remember to wash & dry it after each use. 

So the fun part starts now!!

The makeup artist picked 2 shades for me to try on to see which would suit me better and guess what, Zee was a genius! She actually knew which color would be perfect for me even before I tried it on.

After swatching the foundations on, I find myself liking the [pink based 364 medium light amber] more than the [yellow based 76 medium light beige].

Before the makeup artist started applying the foundation on my face, he prepped it with this POREraser.

This makeup base with SPF 35 PA+++ would make your face "poreless" and has oil control properties so that your face is prepared for the foundation to last all day!

So time to start applying the lightbulb foundation on!

I was super excited because I'm really loving the bright / glowy / radiant skin look.

The makeup artist also explained to me along the way how to use the 2 sides of the lightbulb sponge for different areas of my face.

The wider side of the sponge for forehead, cheeks and chin and the smaller tip of the sponge for areas like corner of my eyes, sides of nose and lips.

ladies and gentlement,
this is how 
my skin looks
after applying just a layer
the Shu Uemura
lightbulb foundation.


I was blown away.

I knew that this would instantly replace all the other liquid foundation / bb creams / cc creams I have in my makeup drawer.

I love how dewy and healthy my skin looks.

One of the tagline of this lightbulb foundation is - Glow Under Any Light -.

& best of all, it didn't take very long or alot of product to get this effect. 
My skin felt light and breathable which is another key factor when I'm buying liquid foundations.

I give this product 10/10. 

Sorry, but really cannot stop raving about it.

*Disclaimer: I'm not paid to say any of the things above, I just personally feel that it is an amazing product & I've been using it nonstop*

Next, I was shown the Sweet Red Collection.

So questions for all of you here, "How many red lipsticks should a girl?"

Answer: Infinite.

I've lost count of the number of red lipsticks which I've purchased and yet I am still constantly looking out for that perfect red lipstick which is made for me.

I greedily did a swatch of all the colors from the collection.

& I was then told that for my skin tone, I would look better wearing lipsticks with cool undertones instead of warm.

Up to this day, I've been purchasing red lipsticks based on the packaging and the color payoff and if I think the color looks pretty.

Now I know --- Cool undertones it is!

My favorites from the Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collections are:

- Spiky Rose
- Lacquer Red
- Mon Shu Pure Red

& here I am wearing one Spiky Rose.

I think its a really sweet color. 

Makes me look even fairer! 

& here's a close up.

The lip color has faded a little after a few hours.. but my skin is still looking mighty fine.

Glow, not oil shine.

There's a fine line between this two.

& next up!

An exciting "XMAS" 6  Princess Collection from 

Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami!

& here are the Lip & Cheek Tint.

So if you wish to get really natural flushed cheeks, skip using powder blusher & reach out for cheek tints instead.

Because cheek tints are able to blend into your skin better and really give that natural rosy cheeks effect.

I really appreciate how pigmented the lip & cheek tints are.
One application is able to last you for a good 5-6 hours for the lips.

Other products in this collaboration included the:

Specially designed packaging for the cleansing oil and the above 2 nail polish sets.

Love the glitters!

& I'm saving another best product for the last..

which is the ❤s Princess Pink & Black Palette (eye x cheek).

Here are the swatch of the 2 palettes.

I couldn't decide which palette I was more fond of, really.

I can imagine the sweet, girly and innocent look I can create with the Pink Palette while on the other hand I can picture myself wearing many different looks with the bolder colors from the Black Palette as well.

But thanks to Zee, they made up my mind for me by giving me the Black palette.

So this is the eye makeup that I created using the Black Palette.

I used the Gold, Pale Violet and Dark Green on my eyes..
& the blusher on my cheeks too.

So this was the overall look created by the above mentioned products.

I was also wearing the lipstick Spiky Rose from the Sweet Red Collection here.

Ah, what a long post.

But yes, I decided that all the products were worth mentioning so I did not cut out any parts to make this blog post shorter.

So if you are loving any of the products, do check them out at any Shu Uemura makeup counters now. 

Be quick because the Sweet Red and the 6  Princess Collection - Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami

are limited edition!

Till the next entry, xoxo.


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  46. Giveaway CLOSED! Will be emailing winners by Friday the latest!!

  47. babe, did ur nose fillers dissolved? seems like it's completely gone, or almost.
    by the way, think u didnt really blend the nose contouring shades well with ur skin colour and foundation... quite obvious though.

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