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Yes, beauty reviews.

As I've been getting quite a bit of invitations to try out new products and I will be sharing those that I like with you guys! :)

So first up..

[ The Body Shop ]

This Cool & Creamy face wash is the latest installation the Tea Tree Oil range from The Body Shop. Just like the name of the product suggest, this facial wash gives a cooling menthol temporary effect. And I have quite dry skin so I was quite skeptical of any menthol or “cooling” facial wash because they tend to leave the skin really dry. 

However this face was does not. It does help to minimize pores slightly and that is a plus point for me. I’m not sure how well it is in oil controlling because I don’t really have an oily skin but I’m aware that tea tree oil is especially good for acne prone skin types.   

I’m also a huge fan of the tea tree oil scent it carries which is not too overpowering.

The next item is the Squeaky Clean Scrub which is one of my favorites. 
I used to exfoliate my face twice a week with an apricot face scrub but I found it too abrasive for my skin as the tiny “particles?” in the scrub were too rough and it left my skin feeling really irritated. Since then I kind of stayed away from any exfoliators and just stick to my Cure gel exfoliator which was gentler.   

I decided to go ahead and try out The Body Shop’s Squeaky Clean Scrub and I was really surprised at how fine the “beads” in the face scrub gel were, I tried it out on the back of my hand first because of past experience, and after feeling how gentle it was on the skin, I tried it on my face.   

Right now I’m using this scrub once every 2-3 days alternating between my usual cleanser. It helps get rid of the 1st layer of dead skin and leaves the skin looking more radiant. This product is also suitable good for people with sensitive skin who can’t use scrubs which are too abrasive.

Check out the texture of the Cool & Creamy Wash and the Squeaky Clean Scrub.

Ah hah! & last but not least, 1 of my holy grail item: The Tea Tree Oil! The one in the picture is actually my own bottle which I’ve purchased months ago and have been using it regularly whenever I feel a pimple threatening to appear.

This tiny bottle of goodness is really good in preventing pimple outbreak. I use it immediately each night whenever I feel a pimple coming out. And the next morning, the bump really gets smaller! I kid you not. So yes, this bottle is my savior. Hehe.

So with these 3 items, I can have super clean looking and refreshed feeling skin, at the same time, keeping those pimples at bay! Thank you The Body Shop!


Next up!

[ Skinbiotics ]

What are in these tiny yellow packets?

It is the newest product by Skinbiotics. 

& guess who the ambassador of Skinbiotics is? FANN WONG! My idol when I was younger and even till now, she still looks super youthful and I’ve always envied her fair awesome skin.

 So this is the 1-per-day-hydralift-jelly which to put it simply, collagen in the form of jelly! I used to take collagen that comes in powder form and I have to mix it with fruit juices and stir nonstop before I can consume it and it is really quite troublesome. 

So I was really glad that they have come up with a jelly form of collagen that I can consume on-the-go! (Or rather in my office every morning)

So the instructions are real simple: Tear open the satchel, squeeze one end of the packet and start to consume. & best of all, it taste really yummy!!

It has melon flavour and taste nothing like those powder form collagen which has this weird taste to it. My friend, Bird, actually bought another brand’s collagen jelly to try and said the purple jelly had a really awful taste. So I kinda had my doubts before I tasted Skinbiotic’s 1-Per-Day-Beauty-Jelly fearing that it would taste bad too.

So yes, I’ve been consuming this daily for younger & firmer looking skin!


The 3rd item on today's Beauty Review will be a hair care product by 

[ L'OREAL Hair Expertise ]

Loreal has just released their latest EverSleek Soothing System which is free of harsh sulphates and heavy silicones, indulgent care to help protect over-processed frizzy hair for 48-hour frizz control. 

 I was sent these 4 products to try by Black Box [] and they have just  launched the Black Mini, which was a collaboration with L’Oreal Paris to launch a Black Mini X L’Oreal sampling kit that is going out to subscribers during July.    

The Shampoo, Conditioner, Frizz Taming Creme Serum and the Smoothing Deep Conditioner (which is the tub of hair mask).

Even though the products are silicone and sulfate free, I didn't experience any dryness during and after shampooing my hair as most products rely on silicons to give the feeling of smooth, silky hair. I like how it lathers up when I'm massaging my hair and scalp. My hair has always been straight so I couldn't tell if it does its job in having sleek straight hair. But one thing for sure, I did notice less frizz and fly-away hairs after using it.

The conditioner was thicker in texture and a tiny amount was needed to keep my hair tangle-free. For some of the conditioners which I've used before, I had to apply quite a generous amount before I can get my hair to be all smooth and manageable.

The Serum and Deep conditioner.

I've yet to try the deep conditioner as I have way too many hair products lying in my shower right now but I'm really looking forward to it!

I tried out the Frizz Taming Creme Serum immediately after shooting the products and I find that a little goes a long way with this item. It is quite oily so just 1 pump is sufficient for the entire hair ends and I'm glad that it does not leave my hands oily after application. I hate that feeling~~ 

So do check out Black Box to receive the sampling kit! []

That's the 1st part of my Beauty Reviews.. will be updating again next week! 


Meanwhile, stay lovely my readers!


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