My Spirit Inc - Urban Decay Naked giveaway

Be hit with the Korean wave with My Spirit Inc, a fashion online boutique that carries the latest styles in Korean fashion. 

 Be it a summer dress, office appropriate dress or quirky fun pieces, you’ll be sure to find a unique, well made piece that would suit ladies from all walks of life. 

 Some of my picks for easy dresses that accentuates a slim line. 

 No stressed dieting involved!

These 2 dresses are from the pre-order section and they are available in just 14 days after confirmation of purchase.
The details on the Daisy Lace Tulle Dress are feminine and classy – perfect for a company dinner function!

Do check out My Spirit Inc’s outerwear section as they have such a wide selection.  I especially love their boyfriend style blazers which really are the perfect coverup to make my outfits work appropriate!

& finally, here are some of the looks I've pulled together with apparels from My Spirit Inc!

Flower see through top.

One of my cutest tops I have in my closet now!

Absolutely adore this top because it is so cute!
& it can go from casual to formal just by pairing it up with shorts like how I did or a high waist skirt.

Know how I emphasized earlier on how My Spirit Inc has the CHIOEST blazers? I swear they do.

I've always been a sucker for well designed and fitted blazers and is super particular with the way it looks when worn and this blazer checks off everything on my list.

Wearing the Contrast lapels boyfriend blazer.

My love for blazers will never cease.

Check out for more fashion forward outerwear.

QUOTE "Meiting" at the checkout page to get a 10% discount!!

This Rosy laced midi skirt caught my attention instantly when I was picking which items to get from My spirit inc.

The crochet lace design is so delicate!

Wore it to work last Friday and received quite a bit of compliments.

Here are some other items that I think are super cute too!

The skirt!

Monochrome heels. :D

Giveaway time!!

Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!

For the month of August , My Spirit Inc is having a special promotion on instagram.  Follow them and stand a chance to

Win the Urban Decay Naked 2!


Follow them on the following social media tools too!

Happy Shopping, my ladies!



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