The King Louis

I received the invitation for a food tasting session at The King Louis about a month ago and I went to 'Google' it before I agreed because I wanted to see if the kind of food they served were "my kind" and not just agree to free food like a kiasu person. 

So after reading 2 reviews on The King Louis online, I was very interested to visit the restaurant because the food looks so good! Especially the King & Queen's platters!! 

So imagine how excited I was on the day I visited The King Louis at Vivocity.

It is located at Level 3, just next to DAISO!
See how cool the restaurant is. 

The entire restaurant was themed like the 'Medieval times'
& as a Game of Thrones fan, I was really digging it!

The entire dining area was decorated really well. 
I really felt like I've stepped into the mass dining hall in the medieval times.

Long wooden tables and benches, a few big metal armors + shields on display & even one of the walls had a huge wallpaper of a castle on the mountains.

I brought along my brother, birdie & my boyfriend for the dinner because I know of the feast which awaits us and I could really use some help finishing everything!

On our left was the bar area where you can just get a few drinks after dinner and catch up with your friends with the amazing view overlooking Sentosa.

We were sitting just by the huge window facing Sentosa, so if you are lucky, during 7-8+pm you may catch the fireworks show from RWS during the weekends!

Okay, let's talk about food!!

For starters... we had:

The signature mushroom soup ($8.90) which I really love!
My brother told me that if you want to tell if a restaurant knows what they are doing, try their mushroom soup. Because that is the most basic thing and if they manage to be able to screw that up, then better start worrying about your main entrees. 

Everything about the soup was just great. Not too thick or too watery and I couldn't stop drinking spoon after spoon! My boyfriend had to remind me that we have much more food later on so I better not drink too much soup else I wouldn't have enough space in my stomach afterwards.

Another soup that we had was the pumpkin soup ($7.90) and this was the first time I've ever had a pumpkin soup. I expected myself to not enjoy it just by looking at it but I was really surprised after taking a sip.

The sweetness of the pumpkin soup was just nice and there wasn't any weird pumpkin taste that I had in mind. My brother really loved this soup. I find it really special as I've never tasted anything like it before and it does get quite addictive after awhile.

But, I still prefer the mushroom soup!

Birdie & my brother.
Yes, we had 4 bowls of soup for the 4 of us.

& it was time for drinks!!
Peach magarita ($13.00), Crazy sour apple ($15.00), boyfriend's Erdinger beer & my something special ($12.00).

The conversation went like this:
Me: "So what's nice here (drinks)"
Danielle: "Well, let me introduce you something special"
Me: "Okay, I'll have that then, so what is it?"
Danielle: "Something special! That's the name of the drink"



Kena troll by the drink's name.

Something Special is definitely a popular choice for the ladies because of the sweetness of the drink and the color is really pretty too.


We had the Teriyaki Chicken Salad ($13.80) which consisted of fresh garden salad, grilled chicken breast meat topped with teriyaki sauce and parmesan cheese. I really love this dish!

Lai, let me the master of salad mix it up for you guys.

& from this picture you can see how much mushroom soup I've cleared in my bowl. Oops. I really really enjoyed it!

The salad was really refreshing. I love how the dressing is not too creamy because I feel that if a salad's dressing is too creamy then it kinda defeats the purpose of having a healthy salad. The corn and teriyaki chicken went really well together. This was another dish which I had a hard time telling myself to not overeat.


Banana bacon bites ($10.50).
Seriously, who would have known that these 2 things could be eaten together?

I like eating banana. 
& who doesn't like bacon?

Put two together and you get the bomb.

This really unique combination went really amazing together and I had 2 of it. HEHE.

& now.. its time for us to feast like the Kings and Queens we are!

The main thing that we came here for!

The Queen Victoria platter ($166.50) which is a mixture of meat & seafood. It comes with roasted beef with black pepper sauce, premium BBQ baby back ribs, pan seared snapper with wasabi mayo sauce, oven baked king prawns with melted australian cheese, sauteed scallops with garlic & wine sauce. 

However because not all of us consume beef so we had them change the roasted beef to the roasted queen pullet in english style.

This platter is best shared between 4-5 person or even more if you want to order a couple of starters like we did. Because we were on the verge of exploding by the time we finished this as we had a little too much earlier. Haha.

My personal favorites from this platter: the king prawns with melted cheese, the sauteed scallop with garlic wine sauce & the ribs.

OH OH, as well as the baked potatoes which were hidden underneath.

Can't wait to tuck in!!

I was going "omg I'm so lucky!!" in my mind. 

Haha, yes, I'm a huge foodie.

Food makes me really happy.

My boyfriend always says when I'm feeling hungry or when I'm feeling too hot, he will stay clear of me because I will be in my worst mood ever.

We were already like 75% full by the time the platter came but we did not stop because the food all looked so drool-worthy.

I decided to eat it the caveman way: with my fingers.

When I eat pizza or chicken wings I would always use my hands instead of the cutleries because I feel it taste better this way. Is it just me?

I was there on a weekday and the restaurant was more than semi-packed.

I also really enjoyed that they have a live band during dining hours which really sets a calm mood. I can't remember what kind of music was played but having a live band in a restaurant really sets the mood. 

It was no surprise when Danielle showed me the awards that were presented to The King Louis.

Because this is indeed a really cool restaurant for families to visit.

Eating has never been this fun!

Got so many interesting decorations to look at.

Enchanting chandelier which perfects the ambience.

Thank you, The King Louis for having us!

We really enjoyed ourselves over the awesome spread and the experience we had in the restaurant was really one of a kind. 


I was telling bird, the next time I visit, I want to dine on these long wooden tables & benches, just like the movies!!

Check out their hall of fame, which they so deserve. 

Check out the 2 - for - 1 house deal promotions every Monday to Thursday!

Also for those who work nearby, the above is the express lunch menu! 
Pocket friendly for the quality of food you are getting.


Here's the address:

The King Louis Grill & Bar
1 Harbourfront Walk

Follow them on these social media platforms:

 Queens Dessert Cafe Bistro:


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