Silkpro - be Hairvolution-ized

Enough with the makeup and skincare products. Have you been paying enough attention to your hair as you should be? I for one feel that physical beauty comes hand-in-hand with the entire oveall package: Hair + skin + makeup + clothes + confidence.

Instead of just focusing on dressing up in nice clothes, applying that pretty pink lipstick and wearing that stunning necklace, you'll also need to take care of what's on top of your head. Sure, many of us do color our hair or get it chemically straightened or permed but these procedures are really harsh and damaging to our hair. That's why it is important to protect and treat our hair through our daily shampoo and conditioning routine.

Having healthy and well taken care of hair is a really crucial part to looking good.

A handful of ladies out there when reaching their late twenties, will start experiencing hair loss. I used to have a teacher in my Primary school who had a problem with hair loss and she was balding at the center of her head and I remembered how she would be laughed at by my classmates behind her back. I mean, we were kids and practically anything is amusing to us. But even at that young age, I told myself that I must take care of my hair and still have luscious hair when I'm old.

When you have a head full of smooth, shiny and thick hair, you'll definitely feel more confident and trust me, it shows.

I've just started changing my entire hair care routine for about a week plus and it was all thanks to Silkpro.

So far I've been using 2 of their shampoo, the hair conditioner and the hair tonic concentrate religiously. Just 3 simple steps daily!

Why 2 different types of shampoo?

Did you know that it is best to Alternate your Shampoo? So that your hair and scalp does not become unresponsive to the product and it may also cause PH imbalance to it? In order to keep your scalp and hair receptive to the benefits of each treatment product, it is best alternate your shampoo.

Let me introduce the different benefits each shampoo offer and I share with you which 2 treatment shampoos did I picked for my hair & scalp.

The 1st would be the Hair Fall Control, which is suitable for normal hair types & scalp conditions. (Strengthen & Enrich Hair)

This product would be the "base shampoo" where I use it every other day when I alternate it with another Silkpro treatment shampoo.The key benefits of this shampoo is that it gives early protection against hair fall + enriches hair pigmentation to prevent premature graying.

The next treatment shampoo is the Oil Control
(Boost Limp Hair)

This treatment shampoo helps in controlling oiliniess and provides anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Use if your scalp or hair turns oily 5-6 hours after washing. Sad to say, I really need this because I hate my hair to be sticky and clammy & in this humid weather we have in Singapore 365 days a year, it is easy to be a victim of oily hair.

& this would be the Damage Control treatment shampoo. 
(Protect Against Strong Chemicals)

It is especially formulated to protect people with chemically treated and colored hair. It also help reduces spilt ends.I guess this product is suitable for everyone I know because all of us are guilty of dyeing or hair, rebonding and perming it. So to lessen the damage which we have caused to our poor tresses, I recommend the usage of this shampoo!

The last treatment shampoo is the Dandruff Control
(Avoid Itchy Scalp).

This product is caterered to those who are suffering from itchy scalp as it soothes the scalp and also at the same time anti-dandruff and anti-infammatory effects. I do not have dandruff so I don't think I will be using this often but I understand the woes of those who have it. Imagine having itchy scalp but yet when you scratch it, you will flake all over, oh the dilemma. This shampoo will help ease the urge of scratching.

Here is 1 of my favorite product that I will ALWAYS use whenever I shampoo.
The Silkpro treatment conditioner
(Condition your hair)

Enriched with natural active ingredients to care and protect your hair from turning dry and dull. Its other benefits includes maintaining your hair color and smoothens frizzy hair too!!

After washing my hair with the Silkpro treatment shampoo, I'll squeeze away the water from my hair and then I will apply the conditioner. I usually use about this amount or sometimes when I'm feeling generous, more than that, but I just apply it all onto my hair ends. Never ever apply it directly onto your scalp. Conditioners will clog your pores which will result in unhealthy scalp. 

I will usually leave the conditioner in my damp hair for about 5 minutes mininum before I rinse it off. Best is to rinse it with cold water. The intensive conditioner helps hair lock in moisture to give you stronger, shinier and healthier-looking hair, while maintaining good scalp condition.

This is product is the final step to my daily haircare routine.
The Silkpro Hair Tonic Concentrate
(Nourish your hair)

This hair tonic is ideal for the busy and active individual, especially the young.
It contains three types of ginseng and ginger extract, but don't worry, it doesn't smell too strong or nasty.

In fact, I quite like the herbal smell it has & how it makes my scalp feels when I apply it: pleasantly warm.

So this is how I apply it.

You are supposed to spray it 6x onto your scalp and then massage it in but for me, I feel 4 sprays or maybe 5 is sufficient. Just spray onto scalp, and massage it in. No need to rinse off. Just style your hair as normal after.

This hair tonic is to be used daily as the last step of the hair care routine and it will help generate healthy hair growth as well as prevent hair fall.

Do you know that using hair tonic daily in Japan and Korea is very very common? 

Where as for me, I am only starting to learn of this. No wonder all the Japanese and Korean girls have super healthy looking hair. I want it too!! Though sometimes when I'm in a rush I will tend to forget or skip this step because I'm still not used to this additional STEP in my hair care routine. But I will try to make it a point to do so daily because I will really breakdown and cry if I were ever caught in a balding situation. 


Having smooth, thick and shiny hair are my pride and glory.

So with just this fuss-free 3 simple steps, we can all acheive amazing hair! 

STEP 1 : 
Alternate between 2 shampoos. I picked the base, which is the Hair Fall Control shampoo and the Oil Control Shampoo. Because I really hate having flat hair. Nothing sexy about oily, sticky hair at all. I think I'm going to try out the Damage Control Shampoo too!

However, after using Silkpro Treatment Shampoo, you may experience a little dryness because all their shampoos are silicon-free! But don't be mistaken! Silicon-free shampoos are better for your hair in the long run. Because silicones are usually found in conditioners as their role is to help smoother hair ENDS. However, if silicon is found in your shampoo, these condition agents will actually clog up your scalp and prevent it from absorbing nutrients! So that's why I said that silicon-free shampoo are better for you because they will help in developing a healthier scalp and don't we all want that?

STEP 2: 
The Treatment Conditioner, cannot live without this. I mean it. I will refuse to shampoo unless I have a conditioner to go along with. Because I've previously colored my hair many countless times so its pretty damaged. So I really need to rely on conditioners to manage my tangled hair.

STEP 3: 
The Hair Tonic Concentrate. This tiny bottle of goodness does wonders to my scalp. I would definitely repurchase this again once I emptied it. I'm going to introduce this to my boyfriend because he has expressed his concerns of balding to me before. Haha, he is super vain for a guy and his hair is super important to him.

So in love with my hair, you have no idea.
& it is so easily achievable by just following the 3 simple steps!

Nothing feels better than being able to run through my hair with no tangles and not having much hair fallouts.

My secret to great looking hair has been revealed, so girls, stop asking me on my on how I take care of my hair at home.

This 3 simple steps are my daily hair care routine right now.
Step 1: Balance - Shampoo
Step 2: Strengthen - Conditioner
Step 3: Protect Hair & Scalp - Hair Tonic

My scalp & hair feels awesome. I love to pamper my hair daily and my scalp is becoming less oily too! I can go out the entire day and not experience any oily,sticky hair when I run my fingers through it. My hair is more manageable now which means I don't get much fallen hair when I brush it after bathing. Yay to fuller hair!!

Go experience this Hairvolution today.

Thank you Silkpro!!

My hair's holy grail.
Step 1, 2, 3, easy as ABC!

Check out the full range of Silkpro Hairvolution at supermarkets, minimarts and any departmental stores. It is available almost everywhere!

Visit their website for more information:

Their Facebook as well:

Watch their latest videos on YouTube:

A healthy looking mane is the best accessory for your entire look.

Stay lovely, xoxo.


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