How I try to be healthy

Quite alot of you have been asking me to blog on how I lose weight or maintain my weight even though I always eat alot of good food.. here's how.

Not sure how or when, but I decided to be choose the healthy path. Or at least I try to lah.

See, when I was flying, for the entire 2 years, I was super unhealthy. I slept crazy hours, sometimes with just 3-4 hours of sleep, I''ll work for like 12-15 hours and then only be able to lie on a bed about 24 hours(or more) later. My record was being awake for 30+ hours after I did a States flight. Another crazy time was when we worked for like 15 hours , touched down in Paris at 6+ am, checked into our hotel and slept for 2 hours before we went out to shop the entire day.

Besides my sleeping pattern, another unhealthy part of it was the food I had. Half of my time was spent on the aircraft. So, as most people know, airplane food are mostly salty or too oily. And also, all the nutrients in the food are almost destroyed when heated up in the high altitude. And when I was flying, I hardly have time to eat my veggies and fruits.

So now since I'm working a stable typical office job, my timings are fixed and I get to plan what to eat daily. I still don't have enough sleep but I'm working on my eating habits.

So for breakfast daily, this is what I'll take. (REMEMBER TO NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST, because this is the most important meal which kickstarts your body and increase your metabolism)

I'll start off my day with a cup of warm lemon water.
(IT IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. Filled with vitamin C to boost your immune system, & also helps with anti-aging + protection from diseases and it’s also excellent for the skin because it helps to clear toxins.)
Read more about lemon water here:  (you can actually just google "lemon water benefits" and there will much more info there)

- Slice half a lemon, squeeze the jucie out into a glass and add lukewarm water in & drink before consuming any solid food. Best is to drink it the 1st thing in the morning. & I will always wait about 20-30 minutes to let my body absorb all the nurtrients from it before I eat my breakfast.

- The remaining half of the lemon, I'll squeeze out all the jucies as well and pour it into my water bottle and drink it throughout the day.

Then I'll have my breakfast which consists of: Fruits or yogurt.

- Fruits: Apples, Kiwi, dragonfruit, banana.
- Yogurt: Meiji or marigold low/non fat yogurt.

It is best to consume these nutritious fruits on an empty stomach so your body can actually absorb all the goodness than compared to when you have your fruits after a heavy meal. Because by then your stomach is filled with all the other food you had earlier on so it may not absorb everything.

& why don't I consume porridge, or bread or like beehoon for breafkast instead? 

Because, I want to maintain my weight! Or best yet, lose some! As I'll usually have a moderate lunch and a HEAVY dinner (I know its not good to have a heavy dinner but cannot leh! Dinner is the best time to have a great meal with boyfriend/friends), so I rather have a heatlhy nutritious no-carb breakfast. So this way, I can save some calories during breakfast and won't feel that guilty by the time I have my dinner.

breakfast = 1 hot dog bread/sausage mcmuffin meal, 
lunch = varies(chicken rice/noodle etc), 
dinner = my dinners are always heavy + sinful.

That means I'll be eating quite alot of carbs the entire day. & I for one, gain weight really quick when I consume alot of carbs.

So yes, this is how/what I eat daily. 

Hope it has been useful! :)


  1. isit ok to consume acidic stuffs (from fruits - citrus acid) on an empty stomach? esp when u have a weak stomach?

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