Weekends with boyfriend.

I'm really loving weekends!

I mean, who doesn't? Okay, maybe those in the service line will not because weekends = super busy for them. 

Today's blog entry was taken about 3 weeks back? 

I asked boyfriend to post for me cause I wanted to take an OOTD shot for him & he did this.


Fail please, what's with the coupon in his hand.

Told him to look away, fake candid is the in thing. LOL.

Lazy to style my hair so I just clipped it all back.

We were on our way to Plaza Singapura to catch a movie with his friends.

I can't remember what show it was.. 

shit, my memory is deteriorating over the years. 

Caught in the jam as we were entering the carpark.

Nothing to do while we were waiting, so picture taking time!!

I even took a video of boyfriend singing at the top of his lungs in the car but he forbid me to post it. HAHA. I know lah, if I post that video, I am dead. Because he has alot of ugly photos of me in his phone too! He loves to take pictures of me when I'm lying in his bed like a slob. And unglam pictures of me sleeping. I am an ugly sleeper, I admit.

I toss and turn and sometimes sleep with my mouth open. HAHAHA. 

Not those typical demure girls who can go to bed and wake up still looking chio. I wake up each morning looking like I went running 2.4 in my dreams. 

We were super excited about Despicable me 2!

& we caught it the moment it hit the theaters. 
Oh, boyfriend was coincidentally wearing the same top too!

It was definitely funny as expected but still, part 1 was better!

While waiting for the movie to start.


So I think this was a week earlier? 

I can't remember when but it was during the time when the haze was really bad.

We went to Tiong Bahru Bakery for brunch!

Everything was so good!!

I had the squid ink bun with smoked salmon & ham. 

I ordered it because the bun was black and I was curious to find out how it tasted like. I really appreciate the greens and ingredients in the bun. $8.50 for this ok! I can't remember how the bun tasted like. The flavor wasn't overwhelming, like not too salty or anything so there wasn't anything memorable about it. I don't think I'll order it again because, $8.50 is slightly costly for this. 

This vanilla pastry is soooooo good!!!

The vanilla taste is just nice, not too sweet as well. I ordered it for myself again, well because boyfriend has already eaten before he came to pick me so he said he would just watch me eat. But in the end, after trying a mouth of this, HE ATE HALF OF IT! Hahaha, MUST ORDER when you visit ok!
$8.00 for this but I'm willing to pay for it cause its yummy.

I'm a huge fan of croissant so I ordered this mini croissant because I mean, its a bakery right? This is like the basic. So I was hoping it would be good.

& it didn't disappoint me at all. The croissant was super crispy and the butter taste was just nice. Not too much but enough to keep you going bite after bite. $1.60 for this mini one. :)

I want to go back again and try other pastries/bread!

It was packed with weekenders like us.

Unisex bathroom.

So this was how much we paid for the above.

Loving the design of my new romper.
It is an inspired piece from TopShop.

Took a video of it & posted on my instagram.
After our lunch, we headed over to Bugis to pray at the "Si Ma Lu" temple.
The weather was really bad due to the haze so we went to get "Gui Lin Gao" to soothe our throats.

I ate mine raw.
With like just a few drops of the sugar syrup because I don't like my food too sweet.

Boyfriend on the other hand, spammed his with tons of sugar syrup. 
So the weekend has come to an end.
Always so short-lived. :(
But its okay, I had a great time this weekend with my loved ones. So shall not be greedy and complain about Mondays always. Haha. 
Have been questioning myself a couple of things.
Like, what is important to me.
Fame, money, health, looks, happiness, etc.
I can't help but compare myself with others sometimes. Like, why am I not as skinny as her. Or why am I not as fair/pretty/rich as her? Why does she seem to have it all in her life. And here I am still struggling to find out what is it that I want to do with my life. Am I just gonna live day by day or do something with an impact. Something that will change my life forever.
I wish I knew.
As for now, I'm just going to stop being envious of others because I am already blessed. 
Blessed with a loving and close knitted family. 
Blessed with a sweet and understanding boyfriend.
Blessed with a group of awesome, super crazy & supportive girlfriends.
Blessed with a job & a wonderful boss.
I will never be the richest, prettiest or skinniest girl out there.
But I am happy.


Be true to yourself.
Don't get influenced by others and try to change who you really are just to be accepted.
Because you wouldn't be happy and people will not be liking you for who you are. 

Goodbye and thank you for reading my random ramblings.



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