Shu Uemura: Eye-conic, 30th anniversary


shu uemura Eye essentials hands-on beauty workshop


- 26 july (fri): 6.30-8.30pm

- 27 july (sat): 11am-1pm, 2-4pm, 5-7pm

venue: SEVIIN, The Loft, TANGS Orchard

registration: $120/person or $100 each if you sign up with a friend
(fully redeemable for Shu Uemura products)

sign up at TANGS Orchard counter or on the TANGS e-store:
Each participant will also receive a 3-pc welcome gift (worth $50)


Let's talk about make up today.

You will get to see me with single eyelids too. HAHA, finally right? 
Actually, in 1 of my youtube make up videos, I did film myself completely bare faced? So yeah.

Received this really amazing parcel from Shu Uemura a few weeks back and I was super excited.

Yes, cosmetics get me high.


Let's take a look at the items that I received.

The latest collection for Shu Uemura's 30th anniversary. Congratulations Shu!! :))

Rouge limited supreme matte lipsticks, Sgd $33.

Left: M beige 955.
Right: M pink 356.

I love how vibrant the colors are!!
All I did was apply it once and the color pay-off is so amazing.

I was surprised that for matte lipsticks, the colors could come on so easily.

I always thought it would be very drying for the lips, but I was wrong!

Here's me wearing the super bright pink matte lipstick.

I think if you are going to wear really loud colors, it is safer to pick a matte one as compared to a shiny one. Because the color itself is already so outstanding, you can afford going matte. 

Fuchsia Fushion palette with Triple Color Eyeshadow & Duo Color Cheek.

Top left: Liberty Green. Sgd $44.
Top Right: Utopia Pink. Sgd $44.
Bottom: Fresh Apricot. Sgd $45.

Was really hard to get the swatch for you guys as some of the colors are really light and just shimmery.

The shimmery and front part of my eyes for this above look was using the blue eyeshadows from Liberty Green. 

Lasting gel eyeliner pencil. Sgd $36

Yes, gel eyeliner in a pencil form! This is made especially for those who have yet to try out gel eyeliner or have tried it but feel that it is very hard to apply. It now comes in a pencil form! So you will be able to get that thick consistency but drawing it would be a breeze like how you do with your eyeliner pencil!

& this gel eyeliner pencil is super smudge-proof.

I tried rubbing it off with my fingers and nothing came off. None at all.


I was invited down for a makeover by Maz, the Chief makeup artist of Shu Uemura last week.

They were gonna use the new mascara & eyelash curler on me..

which means, I have to abandon my fake lashes!!

& for those who have read my blog long enough, will know I can't live without it!!!!

This is how big the difference is.

Because I'm single eyelid by nature. 

The items used on me that day.

The super famous Shu Uemura eyelash curler now has a new edition!

This is perfect for ladies who use fake lashes because you can curl it section by section and get to all the hard to reach places. 

Face, cheeks and eye colors.

So this is the finished look 1.

A casual day to day look for work.

& this is look 2!
Where Maz added more definition to the eyes.

She coated my bottom lashes with the new mascara that Shu Uemura will be launching. 
I really like the wand of the mascara! Forgot to take a picture of it.

& this is look 3.

With fake lashes on.

You can't even see my original top lashes because of the amazing eyelash curler that Shu Uemura created! I always had the problem where if you see my lashes from side view, you can see 2 rows of top lashes. 

My original one and the fake lashes.

Even during my SQ training days, the makeup teacher gave up on curling my top lashes because no matter what we did, it still came down. But with the new curler from Shu Uemura, it just stay curled all the way!!

With the makeup artist, Maz.
Don't know why I look so shocked in this picture. LOL.
& this was my after work outfit. -__- Damn OL right. Hate wearing like this.. makes me feel damn old.

Okay, that's all I've got!



<3 <3 <3


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