Jolene's 21st.

Hey everyone, just a short update on my life.

I will stop complaining about being busy on my blog because its kinda starting to annoy me as well. Its like, I wonder is there something wrong with how I manage my time, or do I really have THAT much things to do, people to meet, appointment to fulfill. 

So I'll probably be ranting on my twitter instead. 


So its been almost 2 months since I joined my new company. Fitting in well. :) My boss has been amazing so far. He is so patient and understanding. :)) Super thankful to whoever up there who gave me all these luck.

Here's just a couple pictures taken 2 weeks ago at my friend's sister's 21st birthday.

With my dear boyfriend.
Face already so small still hide behind me!!!

Told him to lean forward. HAHA.

With the birthday girl, Jolene!

Take photo with 21 year old must act cute.

Hope you had a blast! :)

I can be Mr Pringles.

Awkward pose due to my height. 

Polaroid taken that night & it is now in boyfriend's wallet.

Okay, will be back to update again.


Meanwhile, tomorrow is a really exciting day for me.

I know I won't regret it because I've been thinking about it for years.

& I'm not doing it for anyone, but myself.

May or may not be posting about it as I want to keep it private.


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