Waffles w Love!

Hi everyone!

As most may know, I've just started working after a month's break. I hate how time always flies when you are enjoying!! My one month of bumming around, sleeping late & waking up late is all over.

But I'm really glad to have started this new journey! Super glad for the opportunity given to me. Many who know says I'm lucky because I have zero experience at what I'm doing now & yet they are willing to give me this chance & I will not disappoint them. 

So today I will be sharing with you guys one of my Sundays or was it a Saturday with my boyfriend. 

Stayed over at boyfriend's house the night before. I like staying over but I hate bringing all my barang barang, like makeup, accessories, clothes over.!

Told him to take a outfit picture for me and it is the same old ladder background. Hahaha. Damn unglam.

So I switched places & decided this flower bush looked better.

& off we went.

Wanted to have some desserts and I decided to check out the - Wimbly Lu cafe after seeing Yina rave about it on her blog! & it's near Michelle's house so we visited her after as she was ill & could not leave her house.

The cafe is not very big but I like how cozy it is!

Posing with boyfriend's shades.

Take enough..


We order just a waffle & drinks as we wanted to save room for dinner,

& here's the super recommend waffle!

Served with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream & honey on the side.

It was really good!!! 

My hot mocha. 

Boyfriend with his Ribena. What?

Spent about an hour there chatting and enjoying our waffle & took a stroll back to where we parked the car, which was quite far..

Love spending simple days like this with you!

& here's me with Michelle's tv. It is super old school and not to mention tiny!!! Can keep for another 15 years & send to the museum already.

After Michelle's place we went to have our dinner. At Lavender for the famous pig organ soup. But I don't eat the organs at all actually.

Pig trotter stew with vinegar & I don't know what.

Minced meat.

I need my veggies!

& the soup! I only eat meat ball & lean meat. No intestines or what not for me.

So that was how I spent one of my weekend.


I'm going to Jay Chou's concert tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Omg it's tomorrow!!


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