Jipaban Summer Collection!

As you guys would have already known, I was at the Jipaban x Bloggers Bazaar Party last Sunday to do a flea & at the same time, I was able to have a sneak peek at Jipaban's Summer Collection!!

That's me after the flea.
Looking super happy cause I enjoyed myself there!

& if you are still clueless as to what Jipaban is.. it is a newly revamped e-commerce site that specializes in curating a fashionable lifestyle for ladies, with a side of social networking elements, as well as an extensive redemption store as part of their loyalty shopper programme.

This is the revamped website.
Looks super chic right!

I love how clean it looks. Minimalistic is the way to go.

If you are looking at a complete shopping experience, where you'll have access to well-made apparels, shoes, bags, accessories & lifestyle then you are in for a treat at Jipaban! & guess what? There is the option of a next day delivery as well!!

This is what I love the most because as an avid online shopper myself, I hate having to wait for days & even up to weeks for my item to reach me. So having this next day delivery option really is a plus!!

At Jipaban, they don't only just sell you items, they even have weekly published style guides & fashion how-tos to teach you how to transform into a trendsetting fashionista!

[Style Guides]

The weekly fashion guides featuring celebrities working it.

& here is how they style the above, Katrina X Dress in 3 different ways.

[Miss Mix & Match]

If you've picked the black dress then here's a suggestion from the fashion gurus on how you should paired it up.

This is my favorite look!
I am a huge fan of blazers! I like how clever it is to tone down the bright pink dress with a white blazer. You'll look super sharp & trendy. 
It is definitely a look that I would wear.

& with the green dress, you can look a little casual with it!

[Jipaban Summer Collection]

So as I was saying earlier on, I was at the Jipaban flea last Sunday & I was able to take a sneak peek at the new Summer Collection & I really liked what I saw! I've already made a mental checklist in my head when I went over to the racks of clothes.

Come, let me show you!

Right in the middle of Zouk's dance floor, showcasing Jipaban Summer Collection 2013.

It took me 4 tries to snap a picture of the vibrant colors of this seasons collection and yet the picture still turned out so blurry!!
I tried so hard but I kept getting blur pictures because... THERE WAS SO MANY OTHER SHOPPERS LOOKING AT THE CLOTHES NONSTOP. Like, after 2 girls go, another 4 girls came to look at the apparels, & I damn shy to ask them to stop for like 2 seconds for me to get a decent picture. HAHA.

But blurry picture aside, main point is the clothes!!
I'm a huge fan of bright colors & prints. I want the yellow & floral one!

Okay, managed to find a decent picture of the dress.

It's the Katalyna Paisley Dropwaist Dress & it is made in Korea!

This is another sad blurry picture that I tried to take when another girl was looking at the dress.
:( Too hotstuff already lah this dress. I had no peace when I was trying to capture the chio floral design of the dress.

If you girls haven't realized, embossed prints are HUGE this season.
I've personally bought 2 of such embossed design top & bottom & the feedback I've received from everyone is "classy", "expensive looking".

So this new piece from Jipaban, Marc Embossed Box Tee, definitely caught my eye!

I love this necklace!!!!
But it is like the last piece already. 
& I have something similar so I will leave the last piece for you ladies out there. HURRY GO GET IT. Its super edgy and can be paired with so many different outfits!

Cobalt blue & gold, will never go wrong.

So, doesn't Jipaban.com sound like everything you need to live a chic life?

Still not convinced?

Let me show you how my daily outfits consists of some clothes that I've gotten from Jipaban!

[Jipaban - Meiting's daily life]

Clubbing -- Wore this Black blazer with white panels to Zouk.

Wedding -- Wore this Patty Mesh Dress to my friend's wedding lunch.

Date night - Wore this Pocketto Button shirt for a day in town with boyfriend.

Brunch - Wore this Diamond Graphic shirt to an event & brunch date with my girlfriend.

Work - Wore it again for my first day at work!

So here you go, Jipaban has helped me get dressed up appropriately for all the different events in my life & picking out what to wear has never been easier.

Head down now & check it out yourself!

Stay gorgeous, lovelies!


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