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I bet having bigger, fuller, perkier, firmer bust has always been on every lady's mental "WANT" list. I used to tell myself, its okay lah, I'm born with small boobies. What to do? Cannot grow bigger also. Just live with it. 

However, over at Tokyo Bust Express, they can actually up your breast size by 1 cup size or even more depending on individual's bust conditions because Tokyo Bust Express is the only salon that specialised in natural bust enhancement naturally using unique techniques and technologies acquired in Japan!

I was super excited to try out my 1st session because for some one my height, I have considerably small boobs. Its like a small B in size when I wear a good support bra but when I remove it, its a sad small A size. 


So I went down to their City Square Mall outlet for my session!

Oh, just to digress a little..

In the recent Star Awards, Tokyo Bust Express also had a prize presentation segment -Tokyo Bust Express Perfect Curves Award 2013, & the winner was Belinda Lee!

Can't deny that she has a really hot bod!

So back to my treatment over at Tokyo Bust Express..

The place had a really calm and relaxing ambience.

Pink fluffy slippers!

Sipping onto my tea while I waited for my consultation.

Coincidentally, I was wearing the same shade of turquoise as the big boob girl in the poster behind me. LOL. And I can feel her mocking me. Don't tell me I'm too sensitive. HAHA!

Consultation time!

My specialist, Rain, explained to me about how and what our breasts are made up of. & how at Tokyo Bust Express, they can actually increase your breast size by up to 1 cup.

Do you notice that when your period is nearing, your breast seems to swell up and become bigger? I know that because mine does!! Whenever I feel my boobs filling up my bras fully, I know that my period is near. That is because our breast is influenced by the female hormones ( Estrogen & Progesterone ), which are responsible for our breast and female body development.

& a lot of the ingredients that Tokyo Bust Express uses contains "Phytoestrogen", which makes the breast appear bigger, firmer & shapelier by building the breast tissue up & supplementing it with nutrients. 

My treatment room.

Really love the sakura flower decals on the wall.
Feels very "Japanese" & girly.

Changed into the robe & I'm all ready!

Let's get started!!

What I did that day :

Scrub - To remove dead skin cells for better penetration of the natural ingredients used later.

TT Padding Machine - To improve condition of breast. Helps to tone breast. Which can also be a bust-care maintenance treatment.

Bust-up Therapy - A massage that helps in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Uses Phyto nutrients. Stimulate the mammary glands to enhance and firm up breasts. Prevents breast cancer.

There were actually 2 or 3 steps to the treatment but I was in a rush so I only did the above 3. & guess what? With just the above 3 treatments, it already made a difference to my boobs!

Anyway, besides giving better shape and visual appeal, these treatments also have added health benefits like preventing bust related issues like cysts and cancer by boosting blood circulation around the breast.

The massage was not painful at all for me but my therapist mentioned that for some other customers, they do find it painful. But for me, it was quite comfortable and at some other sensitive parts, a little sore but very very mild. 

& 1 of my main problem which was brought up during the consultation was the lump of armpit fats that I have!! I've always hated it and thought it was because I was fat or something that's why I had those armpit fats. But my therapist actually told me, for someone slim (she say one ah) like me, I should not be getting such stubborn armpit fats. & after chatting on further, we realized it was because I had the habit of wearing tube bras that doesn't give the right support which resulted in this. 

& after the treatment, I really do notice the bump of armpit fats going down a little!! Of course I can't expect a dramatic difference because it is only 1 session! But the armpit fat was no longer bulging out as much. & also, my breasts really did become bigger, firmer & perkier as what they promised!! I can really see the results. The outline of my breasts was more obvious and I had more "meat" on the top of my breast. Before the treatment, my chest area was quite flat and boney as what the therapist pointed out to me. 

Was given this intensive breast enhancement firming cream serum to use at home after showering.
I've not been a good girl because I forgot to use this for 2 days already. Ooops.

Thank you Tokyo Bust Express for giving me more confidence and look better in clothes! :)

Can you see, the armpit fats are like almost gone!!

Definitely firmer & shapelier!

Can you imagine, I didn't do the full treatment, only 3 steps out of 5 or 6 steps and the results are already this promising!! I can't wait till my next session with Tokyo Bust Express where I can try out the entire full treatment!! Will share it again with you guys!


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Call 6262 6161 for enquiries!

Terms and Conditions to apply:
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- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months

Location of the outlets.

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459
• Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083

Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506


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  2. Thank you for the recommendation. After having kids, my bust have shrunk and it appeared to be soft and saggy. After searching online, reading some blogs,I went down to Tokyo Bust Express, the outlet at Regency House and I would like to say their service was warm and good. The first treatment I wasn't expecting much results but to my surprise, I can see and feel it was much fuller and firmer after just one session with them. I would like to compliment the service given by the 2 specialist/therapist, Jollyn and Yuki. They explained very clearly and I really like the massage that they recommended me to try though i felt abit of soreness which was normal. I signed up a package with them and hope to see even much results. Will keep update if anyone wants to know my results. Im looking forward to regain back my original assets.

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  4. Tokyo Bust Express is just amazing! Seeing the result almost immediately is what amazes me the more. I thought I was going to go for sessions for some weeks after the treatment before I could start getting the result. But that wasn’t the case; right there after the treatment I noticed my breast felt firmer and closer.

    Also, I have always been curious to know how everything works, and my curiosity was actually satisfied as the specialist took out time to explain the whole process, the structure of the breast and much more. And didn’t feel like bio class either.

    Great services from Tokyo Bust Express. Super impressed. Btw, there’s a special surprise with every treatment. The rose petals. I thought only bloggers get. But really everyone have.

  5. Wow – what amazing results after just one treatment! It’s great that they have a personal specialist on hand to take you through every aspect of the treatment and explain everything behind it, so many places don’t take the time with their patients and you feel like you are being rushed out the door. I know there’s a lot of buzz about Tokyo Bust Express online and the great natural bust enhancement results they get and after reading your post I can see why. I’m still quite young so don’t have any sagging yet but I’m still going to pay them a visit.

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