Salad entry.

Today's post will be a salad entry.

What does that mean?

Well, that means a little bit of everything that happened in my life but its not good enough to be a main course(full blog entry), so I'm just gonna join the contents up & present it as a SALAD entry for you! 

HAHA, don't know lah, I'm just very random at this very moment.

So a couple of weeks ago, attended boyfriend's friend's wedding!!

Took the chance to capture a few pictures at the traffic light.

Natura sunlight is the best lighting!

No one else in this world knows me better than he does. 
Okay, maybe bird is on par. 

Full OOTD.
I seldom wear heels, so this is one of the rare moments which you see me wearing them.

Initially, I tied my hair in the above manner but then I did not bring the proper clips so it kept coming off so I decided to just tie it into a normal braid instead. 

Went to town to shop with Qingyi & Jolene after the wedding and we had Laduree Macarons! 
I prefer the Pierre Hermes one in Paris.



Not in order, but here are some of the things I've bought and remembered to take picture of.

EOS lipbalm that I got from gmarket!

I got the Easter set which comes in 2 different flavors! 
Super love this hydrating lipbalm.

May went to Korea and helped me buy this Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream back!

I love how super lightweight it is and turns almost powdery after few seconds of applying it.
I only use this on days when I'm hardworking.

Also got her to help me buy MCM back because it is cheaper there!

A brand new wallet!! 

Boyfriend bought a wallet & a belt too!

Bought the left - liquid concealer from Sasa. It's from the brand K-Palette. 
IT IS VERY GOOD!! Does a good job at concealing my dark eye circles, the coverage isn't super full but enough for me. & I love how it brightens the entire under eye area so I look so much more awake.

& on the right - MAKE UP FOREVER's brush cleaner. $29 for such a big bottle! & super easy to use. Just spritz 2-3 pumps onto your brushes and keep sweeping them onto a clean tissue until it drys or when it no longer has any products on it.

Birthday present from Birdie & my brother!

I seldom wear hairbands but this will definitely come in handy at work! 

Bought this Sharp Plasmacluster Hair Conditioner dryer.
I read all about it on Cheesie's blog entry:

& decided this is the hairdryer that I need.

Quite costly but it doesn't damage your hair! So why not.

Ring from Miss Selfridge, & lipstick from MAC, & a free gift from Sephora which I gave to my mom. LOL.

Loveeeee the ring.

Gonna wear it with so many different outfits.

New lip color called : Sunny Seoul.

If I'm not wrong, saw Clothesencounters wearing this shade in 1 of her youtube videos & found it really pretty so I made a mental note to buy it when I come across any MAC counters.

New gold + white sandals from Forever New!
Items are all on sale now.. I got this pair of sandals at 50% off!! 



On my first day of work, boyfriend & I met up for dinner.

At 1 of our favorite Japanese restaurants: Chikuwa Tei.


Of course we ordered more than that but I was too busy eating to take pictures.

So it is back to formal wear for me.


So sunday is over for now, already looking forward to my next weekend!!!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Don't worry, 

I won't abandon it!!!


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