SKINC event + product review & more!

Just last week, I was invited to the Skin Inc or you may also know it as SKINC event over at Marina Bay Link Mall.

I was super happy to be invited for this event because I've personally tried 1 of their products before.. which is the SKINC Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask. & I loved it! 

So I knew that whatever product that they will be introducing to us that day will be equally as good or even better!!

So I arrived the event a little late because stupid me went to MBS instead. HAHA.

The other bloggers who attended!

Demonstration time!!
Poor Justin, Reiee's boyfriend was sabo-ed.

They called for a volunteer to go up there, remove part of your make up & try on the products. & all of us, girls, had our makeup on & none wanted to remove it. HAHA, so that leaves Justin.

Checking out their range of products..


Here's the super cute customized cupcakes!

& after the talk was over, it was picture taking time with the other bloggers.

With Agri, Tricia & owner of Beauterunway.

& here's a picture with Jessica!
I've been following her on instagram for awhile now & always loved how classy she looks.
She's uber friendly too! 

With Jeneen, the brand manager of SKINC & Tricia.

With Shuiyuki, Hayley, Jeneen & Reiee.

This is the BOMB.

So let's take a look at the items which we were given to try.

- SKINC Eyes Love It Optimizer device
- SKINC Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum
- SKINC  Age-Revivial Stem Cell Eye+ 

The Age-Revival Stem Cell Eye+ cream is the star today!

Because after 5 whole years of research & development to perfect it, this Eye+ is SKINC's very 1st eye cream! It is chock-full of 20 active ingredients that  combine a powerful stem cell technology and plant extracts. 

This eye cream solves 5 key problems such as:
- fine lines, 
- wrinkles, 
- dark circles, 
- puffiness 
- sagging. 

Fact: 91% of women saw smoother skin around the eyes after just one week

♥  Meiting's review ♥

I'm really thrilled to add this eye cream into my daily skincare routine now. Before this I was using a couple of eye cream which are quite mediocre. They weren't bad but didn't do much for me. So I was actually on a lookout for a new eye cream & this SKINC Eye+ came right in time!! I've been using it for about a week now & I can only say I loveeeeee it! 

Even though the cream is quite rich, as you can see from the thick texture in the image above, it gets absorbed into the skin really fast. I doesn't feel oily or anything at all. I don't have any wrinkles/fine lines to begin with so I can't say much about that. But I really love how the skin around my eyes feel so supple & smooth after using this! Not sure if my dark circles are getting better because I'm still having very unhealthy late nights. So we shall see how it goes!!

Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum.

This serum comes in a set of 4. It contains 7x more active ingredients than most anti-ageing skincare products. It reverses signs of ageing faster and the potency of the serum is further boosted with key active ingredients such as Collagen, Hyaluronic acid & Isoflavones. 

♥  Meiting's review ♥

I've been using this daily as well before I apply my Eye+ cream. It is a water based product which I will roll over my entire eye area. I don't have laugh lines, YET, so I don't apply it there. I will then use the SKINC Eyes Love it Optimiser device to further penetrate the product into my skin layers. This product is 1 of their best selling one which as won several awards after launching for less than a year!! 

SKINC Eyes Love It Optimiser.

This handy little device that vibrates and massages the water-based skincare products into your skin. It helps to achieve deeper penetration of the products into your skin as the permeability of the skin increases with the ionized function. So fine lines & wrinkles will be minimised more effectively!

♥  Meiting's review ♥

I really love this product!! I've always been into gadgets for the face and would always want to try them out! I know that with regular use of this device, it can help improve blood circulation around my eyes which means ... No more dark eye circles! Puffiness will be reduced too! The cool thing about this device is that, it only starts vibrating when it comes in contact with serums. When all the serum has been absorbed into your skin, the vibration actually stops by itself! Cool huh! I encourage everyone to get one of this!!

SKINC Pure Deep Sea Hydrating Mask.

I bought this with my own money at the event! Because this was the product which I've personally tried before and loved it. It is a triple-treat gel mask that 

- Clarifies,
- Hydrates,
- Whitens.

This 3 factors are my top concerns when it comes to selecting skincare products!! 

♥  Meiting's review ♥

I definitely did not regret re-purchasing this item again because it is still as good as I've remembered. It is a really gentle and lightweight gel which I apply all over my face including my eye area. After leaving it overnight, I do feel my skin becoming very plump and soft the next morning. Skin is also clearer & brighter! I don't use this every night though. Saving it only for days where I have important occasions. Hehe.

So after the event ended, Tricia & I went for her 1st meal of the day!

She is always so busy till she has no time to eat. No wonder so skinny!! Now I know her trick. Haha.

I had the Salmon Kaminabe.

& Tricia had the Beef kaminabe with 2 tiny onigiri.

Once last picture with her before I went to town to meet adels.

Thank you Tricia for fetching me there!!

So paiseh lah, make you go out of your way! Haha, but the ride there was super fun. Okay, shall keep it just between us two. Haha!! 

Had a great time catching up with her. Shall do it again soon. 

So I met adels in town & ..

we ate again.

Thank god I only ordered soup earlier on but I quite full still from the huge piece of salmon.

Hi hi adels.

Had a good time chatting with her & we are still as close as the times we were interning together at UBS and working at Tokiomarine. 

Got full length mirror = must take ootd!

Michelle & Jun was in town too!

Poor mich is still very sick.
But she damn naughty, still keep coming out instead of resting on her off days!

After town, we went to Home Club. Esther, Pham, Shunxiong, adels & I!
I've never been there before. The crowd is not really us at all. But the company was all that matters!

& we went to have the super yummy dry mee sua after!


Best supper!

With Esther! 

Picture from instagram.

Omg, long entry.

Neck feels like its gonna break.

Ending off now.




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