My 1st Flea after years!!!

Hey everyone!!
I'm so excited today because I'm gonna tell you that..


after soooo many years, I think the last time I did one was more than 3 years ago.

I have soooooo many brand new items to sell!!
& the rest are probably worn only once. Max twice.

I think there is more than 50 items in here.

Selling that straw bag too!! & a couple necklaces/rings.

Prices for my items would be $5, $10 or $15. 
Unless stated otherwise at the flea. 

as that is the only mode of payment that day.

So, it will be happening, 

Date: 2nd June 2013, This Sunday!
Time: 11am - 6pm!
Venue: Zouk! 17 Jiak Kim Street.

The above are the bloggers who will be having booths there as well!

My "stall" is right in front of the DJ Booth at Zouk main hall.
So happy that Jessica(Tippytapp) & I's booth are next to each other. 
& cutie pie Juli, Evonnz, Esther, Rachell will be just a few booths away too! :)

Jipaban will be showcasing their Summer 2013 collection on that day too!
So do remember to check it out.

I'm gonna bring a luggage full of clothes there.

For those of you who kept asking me to have a flea... be sure to come & buy from me okay!!
If not I'll have to resort to selling them online.. & I'll probably sell it at a higher price. HAHA.

Jipaban x Blogger Bazaar Party!

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