Today I will be introducing to you girls out there..

Clothes Republic is a Singapore-based online boutique that offers an extensive range of apparel and accessories to fashion forward individuals.

I really like the styling of their outfits.
So simple & clean but yet able to keep the chic factor intact. 

They also have 'Premium' labels where you can be assured that the quality of the apparels are tip top! 
& not just that!
If you order any 'Premium' label items, you will get a free EXPRESS DELIVERY from Clothes Republic!

Not to worry for the rest of you who don't because, free normal local postage is also available for all other items! 

So let's take a look at what I picked from Clothes Republic!!

I could not resist myself when I saw this 'When dots meets stripes crop tee'.

It is such a fun piece and I've never come across any top like this.

I mean I may have, but it definitely isn't as cute as this top! 

Wore this top out last week and people said it made me look younger.
& that!!!

is one of the nicest things to hear besides "you lost weight".


(Ignore the bruising on my thigh on the above picture, it was taken 1 day after my BottomSlim treatment which is very common for bruising to occur) 

The material of the top is really light weight which is perfect for sunny Singapore! 
& considering how light weight it is, but not see-through at all, I really love this top!

& here's the 2nd piece that I got from Clothes Republic!

This brightly colored 'Spring forward blouse'!

Instead of a classic white plain shirt, why not shake things up a little with this bold floral print number?

I like how they kept the collars and sleeves part of the shirt clean so it doesn't seem too much, if you know what I mean.

I can't wait to wear this shirt out because I'm sure it will look really good in real life & in pictures because it is pretty structured so it makes one look super sharp in it. & the quality of this shirt is pretty good! Thick but not too thick to the point where I'll start perspiring once I put it on. 

So let me share with you some more items that I've picked!

A classy piece to bring out the lady in you.

My undying love for maxi dresses. 
& the prints/colors for this piece is just so pretty!

I'm also a sucker for nice shirts which unique prints on them.
Always adding new ones to my collection!

Stripes are like the in thing now.
So is huge black/white checks. 


Here's some interesting news from Clothes Republic!

1st - Instagram!!

There will be a - BEST DRESSED - Clothes Republic customer contest on Instagram!
Giving away $100 e-shopping voucher!!

All you gotta do is post a picture of yourself in Clothes Republic's apparel, 
then upload it onto your instagram 
and tag them @clothesrepublic 
& have to get at least 10 likes & then...

Clothes Republic will pick a winner  & announce on the 7th of August!!

Here's an example of a picture that I post on instagram wearing Clothes Republic's top!

2nd - Facebook!!

Like Clothes Republic on Facebook & share 1 of their pictures to win a S$38 e-shopping voucher!

Deadline is 31st July 2013 and winners will be announced on 1st August 2013 at 5pm.

3rd - Newsletter!!

 Simply just sign up for their newsletter updates at to..
win a S$28 e-shopping voucher!


 - Quote "Meiting1" for $1.00 off when shopping. Discount ends of July 2013.


Follow them on the following social media tools too!

Happy Shopping, my ladies!


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