May nails + Jipaban x Blogger flea at Zouk!!

So I guess most of you would have already seen my nails for the month of May on my instagram right?

If you haven't, means you need to follow me on instagram.. NOW!!

So here's bird & I at the shop getting our nails done..

This is Bird's design: Tweed nails..
super atas looking right!! Suit her to the max.

& I...


This is by far the best design I've had: Houndstooth.

I know, I know, I always say that but it is because, I always feel so at the point when I'm writing the entry!

Can you believe, my manicurist, Lorraine, actually drew the entire houndstooth design by hand?


The above design is not some sticker or whatever leh. 
It is hand drawn!!!

Everyone said that this design is so "me".

I really love it so much that its been near 3 weeks and I'm still not going back to remove the gelish because I really like this design!!

& its abit dumb to ask them to redo the same design for me so I rather keep it with me a little longer...

Here's details you'll need to get awesome nails like us!!

Love & Pamper Nails
Bugis Street (K Street), 
ABSL #02-24/25 @52 Queens Street,
Singapore 188539
 (You may access from the staircase next to 我愛台妹)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1.00pm to 9.00pm

Call or text to book appointment: 9851 4242


Thanks to Nuffnang & Jipaban, I got to sell my mostly brand new items at the Jipaban x Blogger's flea at Zouk 3 weekends ago!!

So the above is my humble "booth"!

With my cutie Manager, Jayne, who made many amazing things possible for me through blogging!

With my neighbor 1, Esther, her booth was behind mine!

& neighbor 2, Jessica, who was on my left!
Thanks to them, I was kept entertained throughout the 5 hours.

With Rachell, who sold almost all her stuff within 20 minutes.
She was selling all her stuff at like $2?!?! Super good deal.

 Halfway through, some of the bloggers got called up to participate in the clothes buffet!!
Which is what you see in the above picture..

That's us with our filled-to-the-brim-bags with Jipaban's clothings.

May came down to look for me too!!

With the cheerful Huixian this time round! :)

Also got the meet Jade Seah in real life, super tall & hot lah! Her legs are like, omg.
& Sofie too! She is sooo friendly, didn't know she still remember me from that brief encounter at ZoukOut 2012. Haha, this girl jio me to club together one day!! One day, ok!

With Sophie, who recently went blonde.
Made her mega fair + ang moh-er.

Didn't managed to see Agri until I was packing to go..

Managed to clear like 60% of the stuff I brought there!

All the pretty dresses & blazers were gone. YAY!

My sweet love came to pick me!
He woke up early in the morning, load up his car, fetched me to Zouk, carried my heavy luggage into Zouk for me and left to do his errands & came back to help me pack up & carry everything home when I was done.

(Not just based on this 1 act, but many many sweet gestures he has done over the past 6 years+..)

Okay, but he isn't all that perfect.. he is damn blur king one. Sometimes blur until I wanna explode!!

Okay shall stop here. HAHA.

Happy girl after clearing some of the stuff from her exploding wardrobe!



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