Be the real deal.

Why do people have such need to be “Popular”.


Seriously, why.

I don’t get it.


Yes, I know the attention is nice. I like the attention too. I mean, I’m a blogger so that comes along as a package with blogging. Getting emails, flooded with questions, recognized on the streets, readers asking for pictures and all. But I know I’m not some big time star or super famous like Xiaxue/QQ all. I have a small amount of decent followers/readers and I am contented. Because, seriously, who am I? I consider myself as a nobody and to have a few thousands of people interested in my daily life, I’m already very thankful for that.


What seriously irks me is when people start to FAKE their popularity. When they start buying fake followers. I know on Twitter there are but not as much as Instagram. I’ve discovered quite a handful of these people buying fake followers on instagram and it is really damn turn off.


How am I able to tell they buy fake followers?




A – They have a sudden jump in followers. Like let’s say on Tuesday they had like 1.6k followers, and suddenly on Saturday when I chance upon their profile again, the followers increased to like 4k+. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible. Unless that person appeared on stomp or go on newspaper for doing some big stunt or she/he posted a naked picture on her account, or like Ian Somerhalder took a picture with him/her and post on his instagram tagging them. IF NOT, the sudden increase of 2-3k followers in less than a week is impossible.


B – Look at the person’s following list. Scroll down the list and study the usernames and pictures of the followers. We are Singaporeans, Asians. If a bulk of the followers’ display pictures are all ANG MOH people with weird names that is the 1st sign.


C - Click and go to a few of the people’s profiles, you will see that those ang moh followers post less than 10 pictures and have less than 50 followers themselves BUT they are following a lot of people. These are fake accounts are created by companies who sells fake followers.


D – The number of likes per photo compared with the number of followers they have. If this person has 20K followers, the picture they post should have at least 1-2k likes at least. If it does not tally, something is fishy. But of course, there are people who buy ‘likes’ for their pictures too. These are super hardworking + too much money to spend- people who tries to “cover up their tracks”


I know sometimes these fake accounts will start following you on instagram randomly. But it is like 2-3 at one time and then they disappear. But for those who buy fake followers, it is not 2-3 fake accounts following them but like hundreds and thousands at a time.


So why am I so annoyed by people who buy fake followers?


I just feel that these people are damn fake themselves! I mean, if you have little followers then too bad lah! Means you are not as interesting as you thought you would be. LIVE WITH IT. Don’t go and buy fake followers and act like you are damn popular because when people find out that you buy fake followers, it is so embarrassing. I already have a couple acquaintances that I know have bought fake followers and I judge them. I am still friends with them but inside me, I am always wondering “what else are you faking/lying”.


Like, what is wrong with you? Why do you wanna be so “popular” for? Have such desperate need to be well known or liked to the extend you will PAY for it?


Okay, enough ranting.




P.S: Buying fake followers to me is the same as buying a fake Chanel bag and telling everyone it is real?! If I ever buy a fake item, I will tell my friends, IT IS FAKE. I think admitting that it is a counterfeit is much better than getting exposed which is SO embarrassing.

P.P.S: & if the person buying fake followers is a blogger, then it makes it 100x worse. Because then they will be "cheating" the advertisers and sponsors because they are being paid/sponsored due to their high followers and readerships. Imagine the anger of those bloggers who worked hard over the years to get a steady amount of readership and there comes people who just "cheat" their way through. Zero integrity and credibility!


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