Shu Uemura review

So the other day, my blog manager, Jayne, from nuffnang told me that Shu Uemura will be sending some products over to me and I was superrrrr duper excited! 

As all of you may already know, I am a huge skincare and make up lover!! 

I've always heard nothing but raves for Shu Uemura so I had really high expectations for the items that were coming my way. 

& this was what I received from the generous people of Shu Uemura.

Thank you ladies!!


4 lip glosses, 
a facial serum,
 & the cleansing oil makeup remover.

I was really hoping that they would send the cleansing oil because I really heard so many 1st hand feedbacks from friends or friend's girlfriends that they swear by using Shu Uemura's cleansing oil and no other makeup remover. 

skin refining anti-dullness 
cleansing oil.

This cleansing oil helps in washing away aging pollutants from our face and with the Green Tea and Moringa extract, it also helps to prevent yellowness in our skin. 

Especially asian skin like mine.

I've always been told that I'm fair and all that but I always reply "But I'm pale yellow.." and I really hate being yellow because without makeup, I look like I'm sick. 

♥  Meiting's review ♥

Being a cleansing oil, the texture of the product is somewhat dense and oily but, it isn't too oily to the point where I felt uncomfortable and wanted to wash off the product straight away like some other cleansing oils that I've tried. Instead, I found myself taking my time to massage the product onto my skin in slow circular motions and enjoying the process of removing all the dirt/oil/pollutants from my face. 

My face didn't feel dry after rinsing off the cleansing oil which was a plus for me because I hate makeup removers which strips off all the hydration from your face.

The pleasant scent from the product, which I guess is from the green tea extract, set me into a really relaxed mode which was great because cleansing of face usually happens after a long day of work or activities. Nothing feels better than going to bed with a clean face.

& the next item would be a skincare product.

Youthful radiance generator.

This is a facial serum which is supposed to "reactivate your skin's youth power switch" & to give you porcelain-fine, petal-soft, translucent glowing skin in just 7 days.

I was most thrilled to see this product in the bag of items that was sent by Shu Uemura because I'm a sucker for fair skin!! My dream skin would be snow white fair + glowy + a hint of pink. Which has been my mission since years ago and whenever there is a new whitening/brightening serum in being launched, I find myself eager to try/buy the product.

♥  Meiting's review ♥

The design of the product is really great. I love products that comes with a dropper because it is fuss-free and hygienic to use. I hate having to stick my finger into the jar of cream and I cringe a little inside every time I do that because my mind starts to imagine all the bacteria I'm transferring into my expensive jar of cream. Haha.

The TSUYA skin serum's texture felt just right. Not too watery and not too thick. I usually press out 2-3 drops of product and apply it all over my face. & the product was absorbed almost instantly. Like 2-3 secs max. What really WOW-ed me was the color of the serum itself. It is this shiny pale pink-purple almost holographic like color. I swear my brain was just screaming SO COOL!! inside. 

I've been using this for consecutively 4 nights and on the 3rd day morning, I checked my skin in the mirror and I really did notice my skin looking slightly brighter. I cannot wait to continue using this to see if it improves further!! But I feel quite heartache if the product were to finish. I think I would personally head down to the counter and buy 1 myself.

OH! Lastly, I love the floral scent of the serum. Thumbs up! 

& the last item that I will be reviewing would be..

The new range of lip glosses from Shu Uemura called 
Gloss Unlimited

22 new shades of playful colors with unlimited mirror shine.

These are the 4 shades of lip glosses that I received.

& here's the swatch that I did.

I was really intrigued by the blue lip gloss when I first saw it because I wondered how it would turn out on my lips and after swatching it, I realized it is just a really shiny almost clear lipgloss with a slight hint of blue.

The 2nd thing that caught my attention was the applicator!!
It looks like a squashed version of a donut.

It is designed in this unique way to pick up suitable amount of gloss for an even coverage and also to reach the corners for a precise application.

So here's me sans any lip product, looking a little plain.

& this is me after applying just 1 coat of PK30S. 

Adding a little color to my lips really brightened up my entire face.

♥  Meiting's review ♥

The packaging of the product is really simple and chic. I was a little skeptical with the applicator because it looked really alien to me but after using it, it grew on me and I got the hang of using it & notice how it really picks up just the right amount of gloss, unlike the usual applicator which seems to sometimes pick up more gloss than we actually need and we end up looking too gooey.

Another thing which is perfect would be the shine level of this lip gloss. IT. REALLY. IS. SHINY! and best of all, not too sticky. I don't know how they did that because almost all the really shiny lip glosses that I've tried are super sticky and I'm really put off by that. 

I also like how the lipgloss is quite hydrating. It doesn't seem to dry off after awhile like my other experiences.

So that's all I've got.

I hope you enjoyed my personal review on the items. 

& once again, thank you Shu Uemura & Nuffnang!


Here's just some pictures taken last week when I met up with the girls in town for dinner!

With May, who is currently in Korea now.
So shiok!!

We were in Montblanc because Jun was checking something out.

After dinner we settled down at Cine Leisure's Starbucks to chit chat.

Goodbye & have a great week ahead everyone!

I'm still on my job hunt & I hope everything goes well!



  1. Love the lip gloss on you! Good luck on your job hunting!

    1. Hello!! :)

      Thank you! I really like it too! But definitely not for a everyday look. Haha.

      Thanks! I need lotsa luck to get the job I want.. :P

  2. Hi Meiting, i have been following your blogs for many years already. Understand that you are on job hunting currently. I'm a recruitment consultant from Capita Staffing & Search. you may drop me your updated resume to I'm greatly to help if you don't mind :)

    1. Hello! Thanks for supporting my blog! :)

      Sure, but I'm currently waiting for 1 company to get back to me. Once I know the results, I'll let you know if I need your help? Thank you for offering anyway! Very very sweet of you!!!! :)

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