Show Luo Concert & some shopping!

Happy weekend, people!!

Today I'll be updating on Show Luo's concert that Shunxiong & I went during March, & what I bought from Chanel, & also a really cheap but chio bag that I found at bugis street!! :)))

So, I'm never actually a huge fan of Show Luo, I mean, I do find him super good looking and I love watching him host variety shows cause he is super humourous. But when it comes to his music, I'm quite clueless about it. Cause I don't update myself much with chinese pop songs. The ones that I know are usually sang by female cause I will sing them in KTV.

But I decided to buy the tickets to his concert because Shunxiong really likes him!! He likes the way he dance and his style and all lah, so when I first saw that Show Luo was gonna have a concert in Singapore, my 1st reaction was to buy a pair of tickets to surprise my boyfriend!! 

But, for friends that know me, will know that its damn hard for me to keep this kind of "secret". Because I told him the very next day. HAHAHA. I just cannot stand the suspense lah, I have to tell him!

Boyfriend came to pick me up from work.
& yes, we were all dressed up in leopard prints.. because Show Luo's latest album has this song where he transformed into a leopard or something. So that's the theme, sort of.

Not full packed yet cause we were quite early.

I wore these bunny ears just for photo taking. Because during the concert, I imagine the person seated behind me will wanna yank the entire bunny ears off my head. HAHA so I only wore it to take pictures.

This was where we were seated!!
Cat 2 seatings. 
Quite far lor. -_-

Luckily for Jay chou's upcoming concert..... WE ARE SEATED AT CAT 1 seats!!! YAYYYY!! I CANNOT WAIT!

Some more pictures while we wait for the concert to begin..

I was having bad hair day, so you can see my hair changing parting from left to right to center in all the pictures. LOL.

Okay, start already!!!

I didn't take much pictures during the concert because my samsung camera is quite sucky when I take pictures in the dark. I don't know if its because I don't know how to use it, like set the correct settings or it just sucks when it comes to dark places.

Can see him anot?
On top of the "leopard"'s head.

All in all, even though I don't know much of his fast songs, I really enjoyed myself because he is SO entertaining. 

When the sound systems screwed up, he crack jokes and made conversations with the audiences.
& he is a super amazing dancer. 
Its like, if I were to just listen to his music alone, I wouldn't even be able to let the entire song finish. But when he sang live and danced along with it, it was just so good. 

He may not be the best singer, but I can' deny that he is really an awesome dancer. & hey! It is not easy to sing and dance at the same time. 

Okay, moving on.... 

Posted this picture on my instagram few days back & everyone kept asking me what I bought.

Nothing fancy really!
Just a earring only.

The smaller paper bag was my friend's. She bought a earring too! 

Don't ask me what is the model or name of this earring.. haha..
cause I have no idea!! I just went in to Chanel, saw it & fell in love with it at that moment.

I only know that it is a classic design so it will always be there. 
Maybe sometimes no stock but it will always be sold at Chanel.

I really love it lah.
So classy~~~

& before you guys flood my askfm with "how much" questions..
it is $300 sgd nett! 

& just 2 days back, I went to Bugis street with the girls.. & I fell in love again.
With a bag this time.

Color = nice.
Design = unique & nice.
Some more got tassel!! My weakness for bags is anything with tassels.
Price = LAGI NICE!

& it can be carried in 2 ways, under the arm or sling it.

& the price of this bag..
$29.00 sgd only!! 

I KNOW RIGHT. Damn cheap! & the material is not bad one.
But sadly, I don't know the name of the shop.. I only know its level 2 of bugis street, and the entire shop is sell bags one. It is opposite a shoe shop! That's all I can remember. 

Okay, gonna end off this entry with 3 camwhore pictures.

I love wearing nothing but pjs when I'm home!

Played around with Gifboom after taking a few pictures for a the Shu Uemura review.

That's their latest lipgloss that I'm wearing on me in this picture.

Stay tuned for the review on this blog soon.


Have a great weekend everyone!!



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