2 videos not to be missed!!!

For all Blogshop owners as well as girls out there, who would like to take really nice pictures of yourselves with your girlfriends, then please click on the following video..

You'll regret it if you don't!!

STUDIOBLACK from Studioblack on Vimeo.

A video that's definitely worth the wait!!


At STUDIOBLACK, we strive to be unique and creative as well as to provide our customers with a cozy environment and good experience during their shoot with us.You can always count on our freelance photographers who are experienced in fashion and product shoots to offer you a satisfactory shoot at the end of the day that is fun and suited to your needs.Call us today and let us capture the moments for you!

You may find out more at our site : www.studioblack.com.sg
follow us on instagram at : studioblackkk 
Contact number : Hazel.G : +65 8303 8988

The video is super cute!!!

And STUDIOBLACK seems so cool and cozy. It is bright & clean & not to mention, looks really professional. & it is located at Haji Lane, very centralized for everyone! :) So Blogshop owners, if you are looking for a new studio to carry out your photoshoots, do check out STUDIOBLACK for their competitive rates!!

Here are the things that are provided for you guys at STUDIOBLACK.

& let me share with you the rates..

Of course there will be even better rates for you guys who pick the package deals..
but I won't list it here, head over to:

to find out more!!

*Pssst. I personally know the owner of STUDIOBLACK, Hazel, & she is really friendly & great to work with. She has a really great vision in the fashion industry and is not afraid to go all out for what she wants! So guys, do give her your support!! :) 


& as promised,
I did a makeup tutorial for you guys..

How to achieve gradient lips!!



I really like the look of it!

However I don't think I have the time to slowly apply it this way when I'm out.
Maybe just for photo taking only.


Hope you enjoyed the videos!!



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