Estee Lauder Private Sale.

It is the most dreaded day of the week again.

Monday! Well, actually I'm blogging on Sunday night, like 2am? But I guess by the time you guys read this entry it will be Monday. I feel you. Even though I've been on a break for 2 weeks now. Another 2 more weeks till I start my new job & I'm really excited to learn as much as I can! 

Many have been asking about my new job but as always, I rather keep it to myself. Let's just say it isn't as "fun" a job as my previous ones. But it is one that is stable & with years of experience, I will be able to climb higher & earn a comfortable income for my future. :) 


So today I will be blogging about the EL(Estee Lauder) private sale that I was invited to about a month ago!

What I wore that day.
Can't remember where I bought my entire outfit.
Mixture of Bangkok + Bugis street + City plaza. 

Met up with Birdie first because we wanted to have some "just the two of us" time.

& we chatted over Shiok maki at Koh Grill & Sushi.

Their lunch promo sets are quite reasonable & I got the above Salmon Sashimi + grilled Saba fish set. 
I can't remember how much it was but definitely below $13.

Seriously, I can have sushi every single day of my life.
That's how much I love it.

After having our meal, we headed over to Salon Vim at 313 Somerset as Bird wanted to cut bangs!


Don't you think she looks younger & cuter with this hairstyle?

I've always wanted to have bangs like Bird's but my face shape doesn't suit.
& I'm too tall & big to look "cute".

So you know how everyone always wanna be tall, & go on about how lucky I am that I'm tall.. but sometimes I wish I was petite so I can be tiny & cute. HAHA. Humans. Always wanting what they can't have.

Hate my fat calves.
Having intensive slimming + reshaping sessions with BottomSlim now! :)
So thankful for them!!

& once my lower body has reached the way I want it to be, BottomSlim will be having a before & after photo-shoot for me! Like those you see on magazines & you'll probably be seeing it! Hehe. I'm so nervous even thinking about it. Like.. what if I still look like a fat hippo. >.< But BottomSlim told me "No Problem".. so, fingers crossed!!

Okay, sorry for digressing.

So after our meal in Orchard, Bird & I cabbed to Marina Bay Sands which was the venue for the EL private sales. & boy did we shopped!! We probably spent about 2 hours+ at the sale... & we even bumped into..
Vivian Lai! 
She had minimal makeup on but she was still so pretty!! 
& she is a mother of what? 2!? Still so slim & chio~~
Not to mention friendly!

So after the "war" at the EL private sale, we were all super hungry!!

& dinner was next!

We had to wait for 20 minutes because we had no reservations at Au Chocolat.

Esther, Megan & I.
Picture damn blur. :(

Jun & Michelle!

We ordered their highly raved truffle fries!!
It was good & luckily we ordered 2 portions.

I thought this & the one at PS cafe was the best I've ever had.. but.. I've recently tried another restaurant's truffle fries which beat all of these hands down. Will blog about it soon! :)

Beef bourguignon.
I'm not a huge fan of beef but the stew from this dish is really yummy!! I couldn't stop stealing it from Megan & Esther. Haha!!

Top left : I had the duck confit which was really good! Duck crispy but not too dry!
Top right: Bird & Esther's full breakfast which was quite disappointing. Very normal.
Bottom left: Michelle's prawn pasta! I'm sure it had some fanciful name but I can't remember too. This was really tasty as well but the portion a little too small.
Bottom right: Tiki's crepe with seafood toppings. Didn't get to taste this.

What a feast!!
*drooling already!*

Group picture time!
The unsightly red plastic bags at the background are our shopping from the EL private sale.. hehe.


Now... its time..

to share what I bought!! 
Left side is Bird's, & the right side was what I purchased!!
Both of us spent about $700+ combined. 

Price of Moisture Surge set at sale: $40.

I got this Clinique set which consisted of a full size Moisture Surge + small eye roller serum + a lipgloss + a pouch.
I got it because I've tried the Moisture Surge before & really liked it!

Price of each blusher at sale: $15.

I also bought 3 blushers from Clinique.
Got 1 for my mommy as well.
Have yet to use these colors on myself but when I tried the tester on the back of my hand, I really liked it!

Price of travel set pack at sale: $12 or $15 (can't remember).

This set is also from Clinique & it is damn awesome because it comes with everything you'll ever need when you travel or even stay over at your boyfriend's or friend's place. From facial wash -> toner -> moisturizer -> serum -> eyecream. The pink lipgloss is quite random but it's free! So no complains.
I bought one of this set for my mommy too!  

Price of Dr Andrew Weil Mega-Mushroom set at sale: $70.

This entire range from Origins is the most expensive item that I bought during the private sale but Bird highly recommended it! & who dare to argue with her the skincare maniac?! Haha, I've been using the toner & serum and I really like it!! Don't really enjoy the smell of the moisturizer but still okay lah. Have yet to try out the cleanser. Cause its like a travel size one so I kept it in my "travel essentials" drawer.

Price of Tommy Hilfiger perfume set at sale: $30.

Got this set for boyfriend! Because there was nothing there for guys except perfumes. & Tommy's scent has always been a classic one so, I just got it. :)

Price of Laser Focus Repairwear set at sale: $50.

This set is another super worth it buy! Because for that price we are paying, we are getting a full sized serum + daycream + nightcream + eyecream!! When the actual retailing price of just the serum is already more than $50!! & Bird has tried this Laser Focus serum before and said it was really good as well.

Price of MAC eyeliner pot at sale: $10.
Price of each MAC blushers at sale: $15.
Price of MAC eyeshadow at sale: $12.
Price of MAC eyeliner pencil at sale: $10.

I'm really loving the blushers!! I got the colors "I'm the one" which is a really sweet purple-pink and the other color "Supercontinental" which is this coral orangey shade which makes me look super healthy when worn. 
I have also been using the eyeshadow which was in the color "Young Venus" as a highlighter for my eyes. 
& I've added a new step to my makeup routine which is to line my waterline with the white eyeliner in color "Fascinating".

Price of Repairwear eye cream at sale: $25.
Price of Cyberwhite concealer at sale: $15.

Have been using the eye repair serum religiously but I can't give a very fair verdict now because I don't have any wrinkles/crowfeet so I'm just using it to prevent those horrible lines from appearing! :)
The Estee Lauder concealer is my 1st concealer in years. I find it a little too dry because it is not that easy to blend but it does have enough coverage for my dark eye rings.

My total damage that day:


Okay, I'm super tired already. Spent 1 whole hour typing this entry. 
Gonna knock out now. 
Have a 3pm appointment at BottomSlim tomorrow/later!!

Hope you enjoyed this entry because it has been highly requested!!!


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  1. I want to be invited to the EL sales too ! How to get invited?