My Mademoiselle

Today's web store that I will be introducing to you ladies, (note that I use the word ladies, & not girls), you'll definitely need to save it under one of your "bookmark-ed" pages because it is made for you working ladies out there.

My Mademoiselle serves to bring in the latest corporate work clothes for girls who are frustrated that they do not have enough time to shop after work and getting increasingly bored with their current clothes! 

Shopping for work clothes has never been easier with My Mademoiselle. 

They aim to provide a a holistic and satisfying experience for everyone. 

So let's get started with the clothes that they sent me!


This Jenevie Bodycon dress is super body hugging and shows off all your curves.
I had to major suck in my tummy! HAHA. 

But for those of you who have super awesome hot bods, then this dress is definitely made for you.

I like how the length is very appropriate for work and it is really formal looking yet not boring. Formal with a zest of sexy. Oh, not to mention, the material of the dress is really good. Can definitely tell that it is of high quality.


I absolutely love the color contrast of the embroidery on this Camellia dress. Most people would shy away from wearing such a bright colored dress to work but hey! You can definitely wear this during TGIFridays?! Just throw on a cardigan over it and once its time to knock-off, just remove the outerwear and you are ready to kick start your weekend. 

Red against my skin really makes me look fairer.


Another very feminine piece from My Mademoiselle
If you are following me on instagram, you would have seen me post this outfit before. Because I really think its very pretty!!

The lace pattern on the front of the dress really makes it look like an expensive piece.
& the cutting of it is just perfect! Except, it is a tad too short for my height to be worn to the office.


If you are looking for something a little simpler then you should definitely take a look at this Devinna Two Tone dress. The material is not as thick as the above few dresses, so its really comfortable when worn the entire day. & the duo tone design really stands out.

This is another dress that I strongly recommend for all your office ladies out there. :)


Last but not least, something less formal, is this Ambrosia Pleated dress.
I feel like a little girl after donning on this dress, I guess its the pleats. Cause my primary & secondary convent school uniform has pleats too.


Here's my picks from their website.

Lucille Skater dress in white.

Majorie Crochet dress in black.

Isis top in midnight blue.

Weave buckle belt.

*** Spend $100 in a single receipt to get free registered postage. Quote "LMTFP" in the discount code! ***

My Mademoiselle celebrates the launch of their new e-commerce site with a special giveaway!

They will be giving away $100 Takashimaya vouchers to 3 lucky winners!

Simply follow these 3 easy steps to win the giveaway:

1) 'Like' and 'Share' their FB page and joining their mailing list

2)  Click 'Like' and 'Share' their latest FB post to your profile. Their FB page is:
*note: your FB profile must not be private so they will be able to check*

3) Leave a comment - "Shop at!" and share it to your profile. The more pictures you comment and share, the higher your chances of winning!

Giveaway ends on 15th May! 

Happy Shopping, my ladies!



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