Salon Vim Arimino Privy treatment

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not updating the past few days. If you are following me on instagram, you'll know that I've been away during the weekend. To Phuket!! I know, I'm like so not the beach type of girl right. But, I'm a convert now. Because I enjoyed myself soooo much. 

The resort we were staying at was amazing. It was so luxurious and everything that I pictured a perfect beach getaway would be and more. 

So I knew I was going to be in the sun and swimming quite a bit which could be really damaging to my hair, chlorine + sun + dyed hair = doesn't go well together.

So I made an appointment with my stylist, Luis, at Salon Vim Somerset 313 just the day before I flew off to Phuket!

Check out my literally out of bed hair.

Super frizzy and there was so much spilt ends + flyaways.

& also some of my roots are growing already.

Bye bye horribly dried ends..

Hair dye for my roots!

Waiting for the colors to set in.

Went to rinsed it off & time for the Arimino Privy Treatment!!

It was my 1st time trying it and I was super excited and had like really high hopes for it because I've read a few other bloggers who went for the treatment kept saying it was amazing and how soft it made their hair!!

So I was very very happy to tried it out.

It is a 3 step hair treatment.

Step 1: Gentle wash PRO < Shampoo. Hair moisturizer > 
Moisture rich, water-hold shampoo.

Step 2: Enrich Serum < Hair Treatment > 
Nourish inside hair & repair, & create base for step 3 treatment.

Step 3: Hold Cream < Hair treatment > Airy type / Moist type
Hold and seal in the nourishments from step 2 treatment

This was step 2!!

& step 3! 
Steaming the hair to open up the hair follicles to let all the goodness seep further in.

Rinsed off the treatment and it was time to trim away about 1-2 inches from my hair.
I like to have regular trimmings done just to keep my hair healthy.

When Luis was cutting my hair, I cannot take it anymore. I just kept touching my hair and stroking it because it really is SUPER SMOOTH & SOFT!!

Zero damaged ends.
Scroll down for a Before & After picture, you'll be convinced for sure.

I've never seen my hair so perfectly smooth ever since, I don't know when.

Cannot. Stop.

Taking. Pictures.

After doing this Before & After collage, I asked myself how I was able to go to Orchard with the Before hair and thinking it was fine. 
HAHA. I look like a crazy woman.
 Omg kill me.

& this picture says it all.
My hair is so silky smooth & shiny!!

So from 1st of may till 1st of June 2013,
 Salon Vim will be having a promotion to all blog readers & members for their hair treatment!!

Super good deal please, read on.

- Hair Treatment promotion is valid for only two kinds of treatment - the Redken Cocktail Treatment, and the new Arimino Privy treatment (the one that I did)

- Both members and the first 100 readers are entitled to 30% off - for blog readers, quote "Lian Meiting" to receive the discount!

- Treatment price depends on hair length, but capped at a maximum of $160 for long hair, and that's BEFORE the 30% discount! 

Treatment promotion applicable at both Salon Vim 313 and Salon Vim Bugis
** Note that Salon Vim 313 will be undergoing renovation and will be closed from 13th May - 24th May 2013 **

Call asap to book an appointment now because I heard from the stylists that the slots are filling up very fast. Scroll down to end of post for the numbers to call!

I had them blow my hair straight because I think the difference can be seen much better this way!

Here's my stylist, Luis, & I.
Thank you for being the man behind my hair for the past 3 years +!!

Went back home with another bottle of Mythic Oil serum because the bottle I'm currently using is finishing! I swear by this as well! :)

If you are interested in more promotions and wanna get 1st hand information from Salon Vim, then sign up for their mailing list here:

For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767

TEL: 6837 0045 / 6837 0073

Instagram: @salonvim / hashtag #salonvim


  1. Why do I not live in Singapore :(

    1. Oh no.. hahaha its okay, maybe you can come here for a holiday!! :)

  2. Hi! Can I know how long does the effects of the treatment last?:)

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