Dailyrantz soft launch @ Filter

This post is 4 months late. I know.
I need to really catch up on my backdated entries, which is what I am doing! Haha, but along the way I'll be updating on my recent daily life too. So its gonna be a mixture of advertorials, backdated posts and recent updates!

So was invited down to Filter for DailyRantz soft launch by Nuffnang.

& I brought Michelle along.

Us at Takashimaya.. queuing for Sushi Tei.

After that headed over to Sephora as Michelle wanted to touch up her makeup.

& we arrived at Filter!

Met Huiwen for the 1st time and she is super cute & funny to hang out with!

Goodbye sparkles on bottles.

Am glad to say that I've stopped partying so much already.
The last time was.. near 2 months ago?

With Michelle, Clara, Huiwen & Valerie.
This picture damn funny, like shortest to tallest sia.I think I was bending though. 

My favorite but it is a killer when mixed with hard liquor.

With Joshua, us goofing around with the props.

The cute couple!

Gushcloud bloggers were there too.
My friend, Winnie knew them so she intro-ed us.

With Mae & Xavier.

This Winnie damn steady.
Came straight after a flight. Like she went home, change & came.
Partying with her = fun x100.

With Ian Fang, Winnie, AK, Darius.

Miss this girl lah!
Was supposed to meet up for dinner & shopping but I couldn't make it last minute. >.<
 Shall arrange again. 

That's most of the pictures.
Because after Filter, we headed to round 2, which was Mink. 
& I did not take any pictures after that.

Random ending.


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