Son of Baconator.

So, who here loves sinking their teeth into a thick, juicy cheeseburger?
Raise your hands, please.

I think almost everyone of you out there can't resist a good cheeseburger.

Because, the other day I went down to Wendy's & I got to try their new, well, not really new, but you will find out more about it later on, Son of Beef Baconator!! 

I went to Wendy's at Liat Towers, Orchard.

& when I first entered Wendy's, I found the restaurant is really bright & clean. One of the many things you can count on at Wendy's restaurant is the relaxed atmosphere, friendly crew & a variety of menu choices!

But the most important thing customers can rely on is Wendy's great tasting food!!

The hamburgers are freshly prepared; salads are fresh & crisp; the chili sauce on the cheese fries is rich & meaty. Customers know that Wendy's ingredients are of the highest quality.

So, let me share with you guys what I had that day, which is the... 

Son of Beef Baconator!!

The Beef Baconator has always been one of Wendy's best selling burgers but sometimes, less is really more.
Because many ladies or even children are unable to finish an entire full size Beef Baconator by themselves.

So, Wendy's, who is always on their feet with surprising customers, decided to come up with a smaller size Beef Baconator to cater to the small-eaters.

This super cute t-shirt came up when I googled about Wendy's Beef Baconator.
Imagine a father & son wearing this in real life. I think it is gonna be very adorable.

We were presented with both burgers & let's take a look at the size difference.

The "Father" Beef Baconator is definitely larger in size & the meat patties are thicker. So for us ladies, who do not want to feel guilty after finishing 1 entire large burger by ourselves, we can actually have the option to go for the "Son" of Beef Baconator! 

& here's the set that I had!

1 Son of Beef Baconator Burger + Chili Cheese Fries + 1 drink, at the price of $7.95 (U.P $10.75)

If you prefer to have normal fries, then the combo set meal will cost $6.95. (But come on, who will say no to Chili Cheese Fries!!)
Ala Carte burger is priced at $4.95

Ready to devour my burger!!!
& yes, the size is just right for me.


2 small beef patties, 4 strips of beef bacon, 2 slices of cheddar cheese, topped with mayonaise & ketchup, all sandwiched between 2 premium warm buttered buns!!
Okay, side note, but my stomach is growling at the sight of the above picture.
It really is pretty awesome.

1 last picture of me & my Son of Beef Baconator before I destroy it!



I can't really describe how I felt when I took a bite off the S.O.B.B but it was amazing. I will be exaggerating if I said there were fireworks and all but it is really good!! 

I for one, actually don't fancy the very "beefy" type of cheeseburger. I feel that everything should be balanced out. I wouldn't like to have an overwhelming beef after taste after my meal.

& the Son of Beef Baconator did just that for me!

I enjoyed how the 2 slices of beef patties are thin but NOT too thin & they are well cooked but not too tough like other burgers that I've eaten. The tender beef patties + cheddar cheese + mayonnaise + ketchup = perfect combination!!

Even though it is smaller in size, it did not sacrifice the taste compared to the "Father" as both burgers have the same ingredients. Just that the S.O.B.B is a mini version! 

Don't mind me but I've taken more than a bite. 

& over at Wendy's, they have a favorite saying from one of their Founders, Dave Thomas, 
" We Don't Cut Corners "

The next thing that people can't leave Wendy's restaurant without having.. is their famous Chili Cheese Fries!!!

Don't be fooled by the "Chili" in the "Chili Cheese Fries" because it is NOT spicy at all!! 

When served, the cheese on top of the fries is not melted yet, but don't worry, after mixing it with the beef + sauce + fries, it will melt from the heat!

Don't miss Wendy's Chili Cheese fries the next time you are there.

So remember to opt for this special bundle meal where you can actually swap the normal fries to the Chili Cheese Fries with just a top up of $1.00!!

Valid till 8th May 2013!!

So ladies, grab a couple of your female friends & head down to try out the S.O.B.B!!

Because, we have experienced, tasted, loved it, & it is definitely worth the calories!

Also, when you are over at Wendy's do take part in this online contest that they are currently running!

Contest Theme - Tell them why you love Wendy's!

Steps to participate:
1. Snap a picture outside any Wendy's restaurant & tell them why you deserve to win.
2. Upload the picture onto your Facebook wall & email them a screenshot of your wall post.
3.Title - "SOBB Contest" and email it to

Snap a picture something like that.

Or like this also can!!

$500 worth of Total prizes to be won:
25 pairs of combo voucher and T-shirt.
One winner wins $200 worth of voucher & Tshirt.

Bite after bite..
Let me know if you have tasted the goodness of the Son of Baconator & if you loved it as much as I do!!

Here's the list of Wendy's outlet for you to get to the one nearest to you!    
 - Century Square
- Holland Villlage
- Jurong East MRT Station
- Jurong Point,
- Yishun 10
- NEX shopping mall
- Lau Pa Sat
- Kopitiam City (Near Buangkok MRT)
- Liat Towers (Near Wheelock Place)
- Vhotel (Near Lavendar MRT)

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