Solo Statements

You know how they say that choosing an outfit for the day is important but actually, the accessories that you match it with is equally important as well. Hell, I even spend more time picking out what accessories to match my outfit than the time I take to actually choose what clothing to wear. 

Because to me, accessorizing your outfit is like adding "garnishes to a tasteful dish". Imagine, you are cooking an amazing dish.. you can't just serve it to the table without adding garnishes to it can you? 

So yes, the theory is the same.

Every girl out there needs a statement apparel & accessory in their wardrobe.
Because I feel that through adding all these little touches to complete your look, it makes you one of a kind!

Let me share with you how I mixed & matched the accessories which I've gotten from Jipaban to create 3 different looks!

-  Look no: 1 -

My simple tube dress would look so plain without these statement pieces.

Whether I wear my hair up or down, it will look amazing as well.
The dangling teal chain earrings & yellow gemstone necklace will definitely make everyone take a second look at you.

I feel the yellow & teal color matches perfectly. 

This look above is for those who are more daring / loud / adventurous & love playing around with fun colors. 

-  Look no: 2  -

But, if you are one who doesn't like to go all out, then perhaps you may wish to leave your neck/chest area empty,  & play it up your hands/arms!

I kept the dangling teal chain earrings on (because I really love how it makes the entire outfit POP) & added just a bronze bracelet & purple gemstone ring.

As you can tell, this look is for those who goes for the
 "less is more" look.

You can still rock your outfit even with just small pieces of accessory.

-  Look no: 3  -

& here's the last ensemble I have with the following 2 accessories.

I remember watching this movie when I was really young & the main actress said to this lady: "When in doubt, put on 3 accessories & remove one." Because the other lady was worrying that she looked too "OVER" by wearing quite a few accessories at one go.

So I did the same.

I removed the earrings & added on this silver necklace & tiffany blue triple-twirl bracelet.

Because the necklace is already enough to own the entire "show", even if you don't wear any earrings, you wouldn't find yourself looking too bare.

& because I really love colors, I couldn't help but to throw in this tiffany blue bracelet.

So there you have it.

How I played with my accessories to give my 1 outfit 3 different looks with the help of these accessories!

Forgot to add the dangling teal chain earrings in because I was still wearing it. HAHA, cannot bear to remove it lah!!

So what's the point of this entire entry, you may ask.

Don't worry, I'm gonna tell you now!!

Jipaban wants to help their shoppers tackle their woes of finding & planning the right style & how to start rocking the current trends. So aside from selling just about everything a girl needs from apparels to shoes, bags, gifts & accessories, Jipaban is going to provide you ladies style guides as well!!

These style guides are contributed by their in-house & guest stylists & they will post it on their - Jipaban blog -  every Wednesday, focusing on various trends & fashion need-to-know which are relevant to all kinds of girls.

& this week's Style guide would be covering the topic "Solo Statements".

I know I missed out an 'S' in the above image. Haha, but yes, you know what I'm talking about can already!!

So I wouldn't be posting what this week's style guide's details because I want you to head over to their blog & find out yourself!!

Because they provide fashion tips which are applicable to all!

Here's what was covered previous on their blog.

One of my favorite looks which the writers came up with!
It looks so fun to wear.

This look is more suitable to those who are more demure & feminine. 
Not so me.

& here's one which I kinda like too!
Fierce, monochrome look.

So remember ladies, every Wednesday, check Jipaban's blog for new and informative fashion tips!

Because we all admit that we ladies are thirsty for fashion, every. single. day.

 ♥ Jipaban Blog ♥


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