Salon Vim (March)

& so I got my hair recolored last month at Salon Vim because my super nice ash hair has faded after many washes & is now , just gold.


Check out how gold my hair is!! 
I was super hating it because I didn't want such a bright color. 

Sigh, the woes of having ash colored hair is that it doesn't last very long! :(

So I decided to go darker!

But, instead of just going to boring dark hair, I asked my stylist, Luis, if I could have some hidden highlights. Just a little peek-a-boo ash colors on the insides.

Just a little peek-a-boo ash colors on the insides.

& after the dyeing process was over, my hair was given the Mythic Oil treatment.

It is super rich & my hair felt sooooo smooth after.

Applying all the goodness into my tresses..

& letting it all be absorbed in.
Red light is to allow easier penetration of the products into my hair follicles & the blue light is to seal it all up! 

Sue ann came over to town to find me but I was still not done.

Treatment done!!
Time to trim off the damaged ends.

Monthly maintenance of your hair is very important.
Told Luis, that I did not want to cut away too much of my hair. Hehe, he knows what I want always!

Still very patiently cutting.
He is damn detailed when it comes to his work.

Super cute couple lah. John knows how to take awesome pictures for her.

Tricia was there to do her hair as well and she sat next to me.
Thank god I had her to chit chat with if not I'll be super bored.

Our hair is done at the same time even though I arrived earlier!

John dyed her ends hot pink! 
Suits her character I feel, she is super bubbly.

My hair is now filled with 50 shades of brown. LOL.

I like, I like!!

Decided to take a outfit shot as well.

Thank you for taking my hair, Luis, for the past 3 years+ !!!
Even though you are damn shy and quiet but at the end of the day when I leave SalonVim, you never fail to deliver.

More pictures of us, because Tricia said this spot has better lighting!
But.... my hand that day was damn shaky. So most of the pictures turn out not that clear. >.<

John fail lah, I ask him to take us with Salon Vim banner behind.. and he did this.

After doing my hair, I went to meet Jun, Michelle & Sue Ann for my late late dinner and some catching up.

With Jun.

Darling quek.

& Sue Ann!

Went back home & decided to take even more pictures of my hair..

Was given these 2 items to take care of my hair at home.
1. Mythic Oil hair mask. I use this everyday as a conditioner because my hair has been bleached before & it works awesomely well. No more tangles!!
2. Loreal Absolut repair shampoo to strengthen & repair my weak hair.

This hair looks good when its super messy.
Cause can see the different layers & colors.

Say real one, I really love this hair color!

Just pray that it will not fade!!
The woes of having bleached hair. 


For those interested in getting hair services done at Salon Vim, here's the details you'll need.
Mention my name "Meiting" & you'll get a 10% off for any hair services.

TEL: 68847757 / 68847767



  1. I love it when you wear curls! You should do it more often!

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