Midweek quick post!

Hey everyone!!

Hang in there because its already Wednesday!!
2 more days till the much anticipated TGI.Friday~~

Will be going to JB with my cousins & family for a short trip on Saturday for shopping, then massage & dinner + ktv during night time.

Cannot wait!

So here to update on my a little bit delayed blog entry.

Back in December last year, uh oh.

Met up with Michelle & May in tow for dinner & to take a look at the Christmas decorations along orchard road. 

Dinner was the usual at Sushi tei.
I can have Japanese food everyday. 
Dead serious.

After our dinner, went to the ladies to tidy up ourselves & to snap some pictures!

I was still sporting the purple/pink highlights from Salon Vim that time.

With May!
She grew so much chioer now after removing her braces!!!

See evidence here.
This above picture was taken last week!!

Really love my hair back then.
But I also love my current hair now. 

Shall plan a new color/style for my next visit to Salon Vim!

The chioest decorations hands down was Orchard Central.
So pretty!!

Very squeezy ahhh~

Very nice background!
So dreamy & fairytale-like.

From my instagram! 
Follow me if you haven't! -- @lianmeiting -- 

& now its time for some of the makeup products that I bought during that month!

From MAC,
this shimmer glitter eye shadow set!

Close up of the colors.
I've used this twice so far & I really like how pigmented the colors are!
Very pretty.

Got this lipstick from MAC as well.
In the color " Hang-up " under the Cremesheen range.

I think I watched too much Vampire diaries & wanted to go for the vampy rocker look.
Color is like a deep plum shade.

Here's a swatch on the back of my hand.

& here's how it is when worn!

Definitely not a lipstick that I will reach for everyday but once in a while when I'm sick of my usual style, I can change it around with this!

Here's the next makeup item that I got..

From Too Faced, sweet indulgence makeup set!
Sephora was having a post-christmas sale & this was going at a discount!!
Can't remember exactly how cheap it was but definitely worth every cent spent.

Packaged in a pink tin box.

& when opened! 
Check out the array of make up products it contains.
Eye shadows, Eye shadow primer, Bronzer, Highlighter, Blusher, & even a blending brush!

Close up of the different colors.


& 2 weeks ago, I met up with a long lost neighbor from the days when I was still staying in Katong.
She's this lovely lady who would always bring her kids to the playground where I was 24/7 at.

Cause the playground was directly opposite my house!

Fast forward 10+ years later, found each other on Facebook again & decided to catch up over a nice dinner.

Birdie, my brother, Aunty Grace & I at Broth. 

Thank you for the dinner treat, Aunty Grace.
We all had a great time reminiscing on the good old days at Katong. :)
Can't wait for your house renovation to be done! It's gonna be amazing!!

Aunty Grace, is the MD of Estee Lauder, & well, Estee Lauder companies has quite a few cosmetics brand under it & MAC was one of it. 

& Aunty Grace, was so thoughtful to ask her staff to pick out items from MAC for me! 

I super love makeup & could not be any happier to get my hands on these items!
Have been using the eyebrow pencil since then & I love how using it to shape the outline of my eyebrows before filling it with eyebrow powder makes my eyebrow looks super neat & defined. I only use this when I have more time to spare.

The eyeliner glides on really smoothly & color was intense.
That's one thing I love about MAC. 
All the colors from their makeup products are very pigmented & the color is always "What you see is what you get"

The lipstick is in color "Ruby Woo".
Heard alot of raves about it saying that if you are looking for a classic red lipstick, then "Ruby Woo" is the one you need.

Will be back to swatch on the color & share with you guys how it looks like on my lips soon! 

& just yesterday, after work, I met up with these girls for shopping at City Plaza & dinner over at Tanjong Katong's Punggol Nasi Lemak. 

Megan, Esther, Michelle & myself had a crazy time over at City plaza because we were rushing for time when shopping, waiting & snatching to get into the changing rooms & so much more chaos was going on when we were shopping. Dinner was filled with laughter because as usual, Megan was entertaining us with her bimbo moments. Hehe.

I have yet to unpack the items that I bought yesterday, so I may or may not take pictures of it to share on my blog. Hmm, see how! But I'm super pleased with all the items that I bought!
If I can remember correctly, I bought a pair of classic black suede wedges, a navy colored polka dot jumper, a floral embossed top, a pleated maxi skirt in lavender ombre color, a rainbow candy colored skorts, & lastly, a cream colored see-through flowy dress with a long tail. 

& I spent less than $100 sgd on all of the above.

But quite sad because there are lesser and lesser shops in City Plaza selling nice clothes anymore. Many old shops has closed down & the newer shops, we did not go and explore so.. maybe next time lah!

I don't mind spending on clothes but usually I don't wish to spend too much on a top or a pair of shorts/skirt as I always just wear each apparel less than 3x. Unless it is a very very gorgeous dress, than I don't mind spending 200+ sgd max for it. That's the most I've spent at Guess or Zara or Topshop for 1 item.

Okay, getting abit out of point here.


Will be back to update when I can!
Thanks for reading!!

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