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Happy Easter Sunday people!!


Don't you just love long weekend like this?!
I know I super love it lah!

I feel like I can sort of finally breathe & have more time to do my stuff which have been piling up nonstop. 

So today I will be sharing a couple of blogshops & also this physical store which is located in town for you ladies!


First up, Accidentally Three!

The folks behind Accidentally Three started their shop out of a love for clothes and shopping.

In their shop, quality is never compromised for price and every piece is specially curated to bring the *glow* a woman gets when they buy and wear something which they love. 

I was decked in this sweet pastel pink Rosemary dress which consists of 2 pieces.
An outer pink layer with scallop edges & floral cut outs + a inner piece with lovely pleats at the ends. 

It comes in green as well.

Its hard not to fall in love with this romantic dress.
I instantly feel like a young girl in love once I wore it.

'Like' them on facebook to get 10% off (not including sales item). 


2nd in line, would be: LovelyBelle.

LovelyBelle, is started by Vinna, who has been in the cosmetic & makeup industry for years.
So rest assure that the items which she is selling are all handpicked by a professional who knows what are best for us!

I was given this 7 pieces brush set.

The packaging of this brush set is really unique & cute.
I like how it does not takes up much space in my vanity area & also, how I can just detach the top half & the brushes will be standing in a upright manner, ready for me to pick them up & doll myself away!

Brushes are vital when it comes to makeup.
It really does make a difference in your makeup if you are using the proper brush.

Also, if the brushes you are using has been with you for more than 1 year without proper cleansing, then I think its high time to throw them out.

& here's the different types of brushes that are included in this set.

My favorite brushes would be the 1st  & the 3rd one from the left.

This brush set comes in 2 other colors as well.
Light pink & deep purple.

I super adore the light pink one!!
So girly!!

Pick yours up today at only $49.90!!

Its usual price is $69.90, but for my readers, LovelyBelle will be giving a discount.

To enjoy the discount & to purchase the above brush set at $49.90, 
remember to quote "lianmeiting" !!


& here's introducing to you ladies, Yventually.

I'm sure most of you are not new to this webstore, because I for one has seen many other bloggers carry bags which Yventually has manufactured! & 1 that I can remember is Beatrice Tan. 

If you haven't heard of them, then let me tell you that you are in for a treat because, Yventually actually manufactures bags in all shapes & sizes to cater to different occasions. From small clutches to roomy bags for school to even formal handbags for work. I'm sure there will definitely be a bag that screams YOU when you visit their page.

& this is what I got!!

This bag is actually still unreleased so stay tuned for the launch of it!

I like how versatile it is.
You can adjust the length of the bag by fixing the shoulder straps to the desired length and also, at the base of the bag, you can actually unzip it to make it more roomy to store even more items!

If you ain't a fan of sling bags, you can remove the detachable shoulder straps & just carry it this way!

This upcoming self-manufactured design comes in a total of 3 colors: Black / Blue / Purple!

Follow them on Facebook to keep yourself informed of the actual launch date because, before you know it, it may all be sold out!!


Last but not least, would be this physical shop called "Soeurs"!

& it is opened by 2 lovely ladies, & 1 of which, you guys will be very familiar with. 

The pair of oxford heels which I'm wearing is one which Soeur has self-manufactured!

The shop is located at Cine leisure's level 2, near Pasta Mania.
Very hard to miss it one!

& they carry so many different styles of footwear which I'm sure you will find one which suits you best there.

That's 1 of the lady bosses, Jayne, & I!
I still hate my hair color back then. I was actually on my way to Salon vim to darken my hair after that. Hehe.

& so this pair of babies went home with me!

Brought them out for a walk few days later.

Physical store location: 8 Grange Road #02-12 Cathay Cineleisure Singapore 239695.
Tel: 6836 9648

Opening hours: Sun - Thurs: 12pm to 10pm
Fri - Sat : 12pm to 11pm.


The above OOTD shots were taken at boyfriend's place.

Check out the amount of ladders this dude has at his home. Make a guess what business does his father owns. LOL. No, they do not manufacture ladders. 

Still training this guy to take nice pictures of me!!
He kinda suck at it still.

For example, we went to the beach once, & I told him to take a picture of me with the beach, he ended up snapping one with me right at the corner of picture. -__- & like alot of random people in the center. FAIL MAX.

But its okay, after each bad shot, my anger kinda disappears when he flashes me his big goofy smile. 

Forever disturbing me!


Once again,

Can't wait for Despicable Me part 2 to be out!!



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