Happy Good Friday everyone!!

Are you enjoying this long weekend yet? Because it has just started!! I assume that everyone is in a good mood because you can get 3 days of rest!

So why not time for some retail therapy?

Today I'll be sharing with you guys this blogshop called:


& this is what I've picked from them.

This lace tube dress in black.

It is rather body hugging which is fine by me because it just shows off your figure so nicely. 
See how it defines my waist.

The material of this dress is very impressive.
It is thick but yet it isn't too heavy till the extend where the dress keeps slipping down.

Do you know that Delilarose takes pride in sourcing for all their apparels? Each piece picked by them are selected by their workmanship & quality of the material, & Delilarose tries to cater to all styles & trends.

& I also really like the length of the dress. It is perfect for a date night or even for wedding dinners/birthdays. Since it already has a bustier cut top which kinda makes it look a little sexy/corset-ish, if the dress is super short, I think I'll look a little too slutty or like I'm ready to go to the club. 

I always have this thinking "If you are wearing a low cut top, match it with a longer bottom. If you are wearing a covered up/full sleeved top, match it with a high waist shorts or mini skirt
That way you can show just enough skin without coming off as "too sexy".

I rather be classy, than sexy. LOL

It comes in the color off white too!
It will definitely make you look super sweet & princess-y.

I feel like a dark princess wearing this dress from DelilaroseLabel.

Here's some of my picks from DelilaroseLabel's webstore:

This "NERD" top is super trendy now.
It comes in other words like "Geek" "Sick" "Rad" as well!

A plum colored toga maxi dress in chiffon material. 
/me gives the approval nod.

A jumpsuit with a twist.
Love the off shoulder detailing cause it makes it super unique. 

Cobalt blue skater cut dress.

This black & white romper is really cute too!

I want a pair of shorts just like this!!
I think it looks super chic.

& lastly, something for you office ladies out there.
A little peach pink formal dress to take you to work! 

Go on & shop at DelilaroseLabel now!

My readers will get 10% off all items except those which are on Sale.
Simply quote "Meiting10" at the checkout page in the "Add a note to seller" box & the owner will actually send you a 2nd invoice once she has manually calculated the new total after the 10% discount!

What's more?

You will also receive free normal postage! Just select the "Free normal postage - Meiting readers" in the postage dropdown box during checkout!

Thank you, DelilaroseLabel for giving so much discounts & privileges to all my readers!
Really appreciate it. :")


Follow them on the following social media tools too!

Happy Shopping, my ladies!



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