ZQ & QY wedding

Hello everyone.

This weekend is gonna be super awesome.. because its a Public Holiday on Friday & that means I can finally catch up on my sleep debt!! I'm so freaking exhausted, its not even funny. There are times where I feel so tired that I just want to cry because I'm pushing my body & mind every single day. 

Once I'm awake, I go to work. Some days I end at 6.30pm, on other days 8pm. After work, I'll go for dinner & then spend some time with my friends or boyfriend & then I'll try to get back home by latest, 12 midnight. Once I'm back home, I'll shower & proceed with my skincare routine & by then, it will already be 12.30am. 

You'll think I'll be able to sleep right?

So wrong.

Once I'm all clean & my skin has been taken care of, I'll flop onto my bed, flip open my macbook & continue the 2nd shift of work. Which is my blog. I have never ending advertorials to do (which is a good thing, I'm not complaining), editing pictures, choosing pictures, coming up with the advertorial contents. The list goes on. & on top of advertorials, I have to update my blog on my daily life too! I don't want to become those blogs which are filled with nothing but advertorials. I want to still update you readers on my daily life (though abit backdate hehe). 

I know most of you will just say, I should just go home after work & sleep early. But.... the reason why I left my flying career at SIA is because I wanted work-life balance! Where I can spend time with my loved ones & family. So since I've decided to find a job on the ground & I'm in Singapore 24/7, I will try to spend as much time as I can with these people who are important to me! So.. sacrificing my sleeping time is what I do.

Okay, enough rants.

Here's an update on a wedding I attended in December 2012!

Went to my trusty hair sponsor, Salon Vim to get my hair washed, blow & styled for the wedding as it was taking place at Mandarin Hotel! Just a stone's throw away from Salon Vim at Somerset 313.

With my date that night!
He was one of the brothers.

With the newlyweds!
Zhen Qun & Qing Yi!

Esther & Megan attended the wedding too!
They knew the couple through shunxiong & I.
Am glad that my friends & his friends can get along too. 

With some of the brothers.
They were a hugeeee bunch.

Glad that they were there to accompany me!
As shunxiong was busy that night running here & there making sure everything went well.

My partner for life.

Time to sabotage the groom!!
Check out Esther with her legendary raw egg stunt.

This drink consists of:
Beer + red wine + cordon bleu martell + 1 raw egg.

Love the following few shots.

Got so love me anot!!
I am your laughter & joy right. HAHA.


With the groom's sister, Wenya!
I attended her wedding 2-3 years back too!

The groom drank almost all of the horrible concoction that we've created.
But ended up spitting the raw egg part out. LOL!!

Poor thing!
Only managed to eat at like 12+am when all the guest has left & when they are back in their hotel rooms.

We carried on round 2 of drinking at the hotel's suite but it got kinda out of control because, too many people + too much alcohol. So we left after awhile to avoid further drama. 

I don't take nonsense from people I don't know, just saying.



  1. Hi Meiting,

    Can i check if you know where can i get the coloured inkpad used for the fingerprints?


    1. I think you are at the wrong wedding blog entry. but i know what you are talking about. we bought the inkpads from ARTFRIEND at taka.

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