March nails!

March is already coming to an end & here's what I did for my nails this month!!

Pop by Love & Pamper Nails for my monthly fix.

Here's the pretty signboard that greets you once you locate the shop.

My dearest girl, bird, got hooked onto doing gelish & she came along with me.

Her girly french manicure + lace stick-on.

Here's a close up. 
Really simple & sweet. 

& I wanted to do something fun this time round.. so here's mine!

Leopard prints!!

I really like it!
It is super fierce & when you run your fingers over it, there's actually bumps on each "spot" very addictive to keep touching it. Haha.

Birdie & I after our nails was done & it was already 9pm.
We went after work & that explains our very "exhausted" look.

Get yours done today too!

Love & Pamper Nails
Bugis Street (K Street), 
ABSL #02-24/25 @52 Queens Street,
Singapore 188539
 (You may access from the staircase next to 我愛台妹)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1.00pm to 9.00pm

Call or text to book appointment: 8522 7370 / 9851 4242


Some random updates!


New facial cleanser that I bought from The Face Shop.
I've been using the one from Hada Labo for more than a year & I really love it. Its moisturizing & doesn't cause my face to breakout or anything but only downside is that it doesn't whiten my skin.

I've saw some youtube beauty gurus raving about The Face Shop's Rice Water Bright cleansing foam & I decided to pick it up. It cost $19.80 for 150ml. Not too expensive but not cheap either. 

Have been using it for 5 days & I must say it really does brighten my face after each wash & I really love the scent of the cleansing foam. But it is not as moisturizing as compared to Hada Labo's facial cleanser. It doesn't give my skin the super dry or squeaky feel but it is not as moisturizing as Hada Labo's.

Will I purchase it again?

Hmmm.. Yes, but if I can find another facial cleanser that whitens & is more moisturizing then I won't.


I've finally darken my hair!!
It is no longer that scary golden shade. It is now dark brown + hidden ash grey/green highlights.
Will be blogging a detailed entry on my recent visit to Salon Vim soon.


Shunxiong & I bought a house!!!

It will be located at Bedok, just like a 3 minutes walk from Bedok 85 market.
The project is called Fengshan Greenville.

I super love the location!!

Can go for supper anytime & there are so many shops just below the blocks. Super convenient.
But because it is a matured estate, the price that we are paying is so much more than areas like Punggol or Sengkang all. 

$420k+ for Bedok as compared to 300k+ for Punggol.

But I'm so used to staying in the East so here's the price to pay. 

Our house should be ready by the end of 2016.

I can't wait. 



  1. stumbled across your blog, and i'm glad that i did - it's a fun and good read.

    your new hair colour is pretty rad - if only we had asian colourists in toronto like that! puts me on the fence about dying my hair (for the first time - yes, boring virgin black hair).



    1. Hi! :) Thanks for visiting! Haha, At least virgin black hair = smooth and silky! Mine has been processed to death.

  2. Congrats on the new house !! Finally gotten something in the East after all the failed attempts !!
    Yours considered cheap already, compared to mine haha. Also dont know is I stupid or what lol. But anyway, yours build so fast ! I gotta wait till 2017 haha.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the congratulation. Hehe. Yah finally man. BTO so many freaking times already!!!

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