Nuffnang's 6th birthday bash

Happy Birthday Nuffnang!!!

Can you believe it, Nuffnang has been around for 6 years! I've known of them for the longest time, have even been invited to go for lunch with the team when it first started but I was shy & rejected it. Fast forward 5 years, I received an email from Jayne (my current blog manager) to meet up for discussion on going onboard with Nuffnang to be one of their "Bloggers".

& I've never regretted since the day I signed the contract. In fact, I signed it right on the day itself, I can still remember, it was at Takashimaya's Paul. Hehe.

XIE XIE NI, Jayne, for having me on the team. Just realized we didn't take any solo pictures together. :(

So their theme for the birthday bash was "the 60s!" 

Sadly, I had to work that day so I was unable to go with crazy hair or outfit like some of the other bloggers. I just wore some dress that I bought from London's Primark. Hehe.

Okay, enough talking, picture time!

Getting my drawing done!
Juli had hers done before me.. hehe.

With cutie pie Juli, who went all out for the theme of the party.
Her hair is damn sixties!!!

With Misstamchiak, Huixian, Nira, Esther, Nadnut.
I was rather late for the event cause of work, so when I arrived.. everyone were already seated in groups & I was like a lost sheep. Haha, until I saw Esther & she asked me to join her.

One more group shot taken by the photographer.

Photobooth time!!

With Jayne & Huiwen this time round!

We took 10 shots but only a few were passable. Haha.

& here's a damn unglam picture of me, looking like I'm picking my nose.
I'M NOT!!! 
I was just scratching the side okay. 
hahaha, thanks ah the photographer, whoever you are. LOL.


Here's the 1 and only full shot of my dress that night.
Juli's purple hair would look so good with my dress.
Speaking of hair, I really hate the color that my hair has faded to now. But fret not, I've booked a hair appointment with my trusty Salon Vim this coming Sunday! I don't want to walk around with this super gold hair anymore!! "((

With pretty Nira. 
I swear she has the best skin. Super healthy & glowy. *envies*

Left the party early to meet up with Michelle & Jun.
Because ever since I started working, I literally did not meet them anymore. So, finally managed to squeeze out some time for these girls!

Had some ramen at Paragon..

Not nice at all.
Ippudo or Tonkotsu King anyday!!

I look 10 years older in this dress.

But I look 5 years younger in this picture.
LOL. Why like this.

Goodie bag from The Body Shop! 

& here's the drawing of me.

Stop saying I'm ignoring you okay.
I really have no time :(

Long time no Gifboom.


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