New year, new goals, new beginning

Hey everyone, sorry for missing for the past couple of days!
Was caught up with work and had a few events to attend and I really had no time to blog. But here I am. 

As some of you may know, I've taken up an office job after leaving SQ and I've been working here for 3 months & counting. I admit that I accepted the job too quickly without really thinking/caring what the job scope was. I was just so desperate to start working because I was not used to being jobless, & after 1 month of bumming around I just wanted to work. So I jumped at the opportunity of the 1st job offer that came. Stupid me.

So right now, I'm on a lookout for a new job. 
One which I know I will stay for long. I've had enough of changing jobs! Wanna stay at least 3 years with the same company for my next job!

Okay, work stuff aside.

Boyfriend & I is going on a sponsored trip to Phuket next weekend!!

Got this image off 'Google'.

Ahh!! I can't wait!!
I know I'm not much of a beach type of girl because I'm super afraid to get dark. -_- Yes, I like staying fair but I love the idea of going on a beach getaway trip just so that we can kick back & relax.

Really looking forward to just have a really carefree short break!

Thank you, Nuffnang, for this trip!! :) 

Need to go look for a chio chio bikini and stock up one super strong sunblock! I'm gonna take the oral sunblock too! Hehe, I'll cry if I become super tanned.

Today I'll be updating on how I countdown to the year 2013.
Very backdated, I know. 

What I wore that day!
Top from Bangkok, Skirt from TVDs.

We didn't wanna go squeeze in some club so we headed over to Esplanade to get a good view of the fireworks at this place called 'Sauce'. It has outdoor & indoor seating and obviously we picked the outdoor one. & we were seated at a super awesome spot!! Can see the entire fireworks clearly without having to squeeze with anyone!

A tower of Asahi beer to start the night.
Huge mouth there, boyfriend.

Camera was quite sucky that night.
Love-hate relationship with this camera. No idea if its me or what. Sometimes it works super well, damn clear pictures and all, sometimes cannot focus >.<

With Janice!

& the rest of the girls that night.
May, Esther, myself, Michelle & Janice.

Michelle brought her tripod along and we took group pictures!

& here comes our Moet!
Did you know, that Singapore is now putting a ban on clubs lighting up their champagnes. WHY!! 

Really like this picture of boyfriend & I.
So I blurred everyone else away. AHHAHAA.

Forever alone = May.

& the clock strikes 12 midnight!!
HAPPY 2013!!!

It was super pretty and right IN OUR FACES.
One of the best countdowns ever, perfect view, no squeezing in the crowd, great company!


Some jagerbombs for you?

Hahaha, don't ask.

These 2 forever disturbing me!!

& here's some pictures I took after I got home.

Messy cray cray hair.

That's all for now.
Will be back to update real soon!!

I have so many folders worth of pictures to be blogged!



  1. Hm.. So have u found a new job? It's really not easy finding a good and suitable job!

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