Hey everyone, let's talk about legs today.

I've always wanted a pair of long & slender legs but sadly, this is reality and we can't have what we want all the time. So yes, I am born with fat legs. I hate my calves. It is super not proportionate to the other parts of my leg. My thighs are not slim but I won't complain much about it. My calves are my hatred.

So imagine my excitement when I was invited by BottomSlim to try out their treatment.

BottomSlim is the pioneer for lower body slimming and they have been trusted by many over the years.

I went down to their outlet at Ngee Ann City, also known as, Takashimaya, to most of you guys. 

Let's take a look.

This was what caught my eye once I stepped in. 
BottomSlim is presenter for Star Awards 2013.
& something super funny & flattering happened afterwards, during my treatment, my therapist actually thought I was an actress. HAHAHAHA. She was like asking me if it was stressful for me due to my job. & I was like " err, how you know what I'm working as? " and she went like " aren't you an actress? " HAHAHA, make me happy only~~~

Okay moving on..

One of the many treatment rooms.

& these 3 are the consultation rooms when you first arrive, for them to analyze your body and see what kind of treatment you will need to get to the goal body that you want.

So here's me in 1 of the consultation rooms filling up my particulars and information on my height/weight and medical history and all.

Hello, fats.

So here's my therapist, Emily and I going through my concerns about my legs and how they are gonna to use different treatments to target different area to get the results that I yearn for.

*Squeeze Squeeze* my calve fats.

One time not enough, continue *squeezing*. LOL.

I had to also remove my shorts for her to take a look at my tummy and thighs. So for those of you who are slightly shy, be prepared ah! They will need you to do so because they need to better understand of your body type and to see how stubborn your fats are. But don't worry!! They are all well trained and very professional. :)

So after examining my lower body, my therapist went on to explain to me the different treatments which I will be receiving that day to help target my calves & thighs.

Most of you will just say, "aiya why go for such treatment, just go exercise lor". But exercising itself will not be able to slim down my calves. The fats there are super stubborn and with the wrong exercise, you may end up building up more muscle on your calves instead of minimizing it. Imagine the horror of chunky calves!

Here's my treatment room.

Time to take my weight to calculate my BMI and to also measure my body fat percentage and all. 
And needless to say, my body fat was slightly above the "recommended" standard. 

So let the treatment begin!!

 But before that, BottomSlim will usually take pictures of your lower body for a before & after picture comparison. & guess what? My calves really did look smaller! More on that later.

Slim down those calves!!
Using a vacuum like equipment to loosen those stubborn fats at my calves and to contour and sculpt them to the way it should look.

Haha, my therapist, Emily, damn cute lah, can pose with me some more.

It is a little painful at some parts but still bearable.
No pain, no gain right?!

& here's the next step to my treatment. 
This time round it is for my entire lower body, butt, thighs and calves.

Sent this image to my boyfriend & said that I felt like I was a pig being roasted. LOL.
 But don't worry, it just feels warm, not hot at all. 

Made myself into a kitty cat because I was bored. 

& after everything was over, my therapist took a measuring tape to check the width of my thighs and calves and when compared with my 'Before' measurements, the right side of my thighs and calve went down by 3cm! And the left side only about 2cm or so. But I was really amazed lah. With just a 1 time treatment which lasted about near 2 hours, my thighs and calves were reduced by 2-3 cm already!! 

Cannot wait to go back again to continue working towards my dream of long and slender legs!!!

Was given this Nano X Plus Gel to apply at home as it help to eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

Am really satisfied with my entire experience at BottomSlim.
I did notice the difference on my calves, though the difference was not huge, but I believe if I go for the treatment regularly, the problem will be solved!

My flabby thighs also felt much more toned and the appearance of cellulite were almost all gone.


So here's an exclusive promotion for my readers!!

Meiting's '42-inch Slender legs' April Special:

3 Complimentary Tummy, Thighs & Calves Slimming treatments worth $1088.

Just answer the following question:
Q: BottomSlim is the pioneer in lower body slimming. 
A: True
B: False

First 50 responds receive an additional Cellu-Gone Cellulite Treatment (Best-Selling!) worth $488. 

Terms and Conditions to apply: 
Females above 18 years old and above only.
 Treatment voucher applicable for non-promotional services only.
Strictly by appointment only. 
 Promotion valid for 2 months. 

 Ngee Ann City 391B 
Orchard Road #05-18,
Ngee Ann City, 
Singapore 238873 

 City Square Mall 
180 Kitchener Road #B2-33, 
Singapore 208539 

 Square 2 (Novena) 
10 Sinaran Drive #03-11/19,
Novena Square 2, 
Singapore 307506

 Parkway Parade 
80 Marine Parade Road #02-67, 
Singapore 449269 

 Nex Mall 
23 Serangoon Central #03-31, 
Singapore 556083

 Jurong East
 Blk 134 Jurong gateway road
 #01-311 unit 3, 
Singapore 600134 


Thank you, BottomSlim, for having me and helping me achieve my dream legs!!

With sweet Jiefang who helped arrange everything and for being so attentive and accommodating always!

Left BottomSlim feeling real pampered and good because I instantly felt "slimmer".


  1. hello meiting, I'm Magdaline,ur therapist of bottomslim here!~wat wonderful blogs leh!very interesting..hehe :)

    1. Hello Magdaline!! Haha,, thanks for coming to read my blog!! :) I'm now going to city square mall outlet instead.. :(

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  5. I’ve spent years trying to slim down specific parts of my body. Like you – my calves, but also my thighs and bottom just won’t slim down even with exercising every day I seem to get no results. Bottomslim looks like it is the answer to all my prayers. Your results are just incredible, one two-hour treatment producing such amazing results compared to my weeks in the gym! I’ve booked my first five treatments and I can’t wait and if it also improves the little bit of cellulite I’ve started to notice I will be so happy. Thank you for your post!