Eric & Juan's ROM.

So today I will be sharing with you guys 1 of the happiest moments of my girlfriend's life.

The day Juan became Mrs Ng. 

Can you believe the above portrait is done entirely on my iPhone via a text app?
Went down to a printing shop & got it printed out on the spot + found a simple frame for it.

Esther, Juan's bro & his gf & I spent the few nights before the ROM preparing and helping Juan out with getting props and the decorations done.

I did this "smiley sign" all by myself too!

With Esther on the actual day of the ROM.
We were supposed to arrive early to help with the deocration but.... as usual, my dear girl, Esther, was late. Thank god Juan's brother & his gf managed to get everything in place!

That's the 3 of us before all the guest arrived

I like the heart shaped sign the most.
I think it is one of the most perfect heart I've ever drawn. LOL.

The girlfriends.

Food that was catered.

My job that day.
To get everyone's fingerprints!

& there's Esther at her "work" station.
Signing of guestbook.

As you can tell, I took my job very seriously.

Stamping the baby's feet instead of her tiny fingers!

We were both so happy that day.
Machiam our own ROM like that.

Halfway there.
Not completed yet!!

& then..

comes the bride!!

We were cheering like mad from the top.

Juan was sooooooooo pretty that day!!


The most comical couple.

The blushing bride.

Time to make a honest man out of him, Juan!!

I do.

Please scroll down to the end of this post & watch the video. 
Juan's speech made all of us cry!!!

So happy!!

Tears of joy on Juan.

One big happy family.

So glad to be able to witness this epic moment in my girlfriend's life. :)

The 'minions' of the day.

Chio picture from the photographer.

Can't believe that the 3 of us reached the next stage in our lives.
We used to be doing nothing, going out daily till 5-6am, partying and drinking till we k.o and now, you are married!!!!

I've watched Juan grow since our Secondary school days, to Poly, to her going to Brisbane for her degree & masters & now she's someone's wife. :')

You have no idea how happy we are for you.
From the heart one!!

My favorite picture of all. :)


Check out the video that Juan did!!

If you don't tear, you have no heart!!



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