Love & Pamper your nails at..

That's right!!

Looking for a place to pamper & prettify your nails? Then "Love & Pamper Nails" is the place you need to go to!

I was looking around for a nail sponsor for sometime because my nails are really weak. Like they always break & chip off whenever I hit something because they are too soft. I have no idea why. So I can rarely have long & pretty nails. So I thought, why not let the professional handle this for me?

& then came, Pauline, from "Love & Pamper Nails", to the rescue!

It is located at Bugis Village, level 2!

But if you have trouble finding it, just locate the food stall "WO AI TAIMEI" & use the staircase on the left of it & walk up to level 2, and you'll see the shop!

Confirm won't miss it one.

& the place is so pink & girly!!

Even if you are a tomboyish kinda girl, you'll definitely feel damn girly when you are in the nail boutique. Check out the decorations & all, all so princess-y & cute! 

Audrey hepburn cushions, thumbs up.

So this is the original state of my nails.
Weak & super uneven in length.
You can even see that the front part of my nails are all like breaking already. 

But Pauline told me, that Gelish, or Gel-extensions will make your nail polish last longer & most importantly, it will not chip off when you hit onto something.

Excited me waiting for my Gelish to harden under the UV lamp.
& isn't the UV lamp so cute?
Bow-shaped somemore.

& Ta-dahh!!!!

The end results.

I didn't have an exact image of what I wanted to do with my nails, so I just told Pauline that I wanted french manicure pattern & with some blings. & the rest was up to her imagination!

Close up!

With Pauline on the left, & her sister, who is also her partner, on the right.

Both young, pretty & friendly lady bosses!

So I went back home & took more pictures of the beautiful nails because I was so enchanted by it.

So pure & sweet lah this design!

I used to think that nails doesn't matter much. 
Like, if you have great hair + make up you'll be fine.

But after having a set of well manicured nails, I feel that it makes you look even more polished & lady-like.

& my boyfriend absolutely love it when I paint my nails.
His favorite is french manicure, thus, the design on my nails.

But I'm gonna be more adventurous the next time round, other colors!
Maybe navy blue, pink or purple to make my hair.

So besides having nice nails, I know the PRICE is another important factor yah?

& I was like in shock when Pauline told me that my entire set of gelish + 3D bow add ons + blings only cost $69!! No extra charges or whatever. 

I don't know what's the market price now but I remember doing my nails a few years ago for Chinese New Year at some neighbourhood manicure shop & it cost me $140+ for normal nails + blings. 

So to me, $69 for the above set of nails is so damn cheap affordable please.

Love & Pamper Nails
Bugis Street (K Street), 
ABSL #02-24/25 @52 Queens Street,
Singapore 188539
 (You may access from the staircase next to 我愛台妹)

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 1.00pm to 9.00pm

Call to book appointment: 8522 7370 / 9851 4242

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  1. You will definitely love gelish nails once you started bling-ing them up. =D