BKK Day 1

Hello everyone!

I know that this post is probably wayyyy overdue but better late than never right? Many of you have been commenting on my formspring asking me to speed up on blogging about this BKK trip! So here goes!

Boyfriend & I took Thai Airways to Bangkok. 2 tickets cost us about $566+ in total? & there was even a meal provided for us during the flight. & the seats were so much more spacious compared to the budget carriers. 

At the gate waiting to board.

Excited us.

Our lunch onboard.

Boyfriend was very occupied with his game on iPad.
As for me, I watched Madagascar on the entertainment system.

A little nappy time before we arrived in BKK.

& after we got down the plane, the 1st thing we went to look for was to buy a thai sim card. Because I wanted to get a line with unlimited data plan for my trip. But guess what? They ran out of the mini sim card for iPhone 5!! So sad lah. So I only have internet access when I'm at the hotel, where I can tap onto the wifi.

Took a cab from the airport to our hotel.
Spent about $12 sgd if I'm not wrong?

We stayed at the Glow Pratunam hotel & I really love the location of our hotel.
It is directly opposite of Platinum mall.

Our hotel room.
Very new, clean & spacious.
& we paid about $310 for 4 days 3 night stay there. 

After checking in to the hotel & unpacking our stuff we headed down to get some food in our tummies!

This is hands down the BEST wanton mee I've ever eaten!!
In Singapore or Malaysia also cannot find such awesome wanton mee.

We ate this EVERY S.I.N.G.L.E day.

After our quick meal, we headed to Amari Watergate where boyfriend went to the tailor to customize his work shirts & pants.

Choosing the fabrics.

I was bored while SX was taking his time picking out the right materials.

1 of the few head pieces I bought.

& 4-5 hours after we arrived in BKK, our dear friend OKM & Janice arrived too!
Because OKM had to settle some work time, SX & I decided to take the earlier flight out to BKK first.

After the boys had their fabrics picked out & measurements taken, we went for our dinner at Chinatown!

Sitting along the road side having our meal at TK Seafood.

Look at the amount we ordered.
We always order way too much every meal. 
But its okay because we are on a holiday & we are here to shop & eat nonstop!!

After dinner, time for some dessert.

Bird nest!!!

& after that, we rushed back to our hotel, showered & changed outfit & touched up my makeup for the night.

We were going clubbing at RCA.

All ready for our night out.

Got the hotel's staff to help us take a group photo.

& here we were, at Route 66!

With Janice.

Look how packed the place was.

Great times with great company.

LOL, the tissue brothers.
Whole night perspiring.

The hard liquor in BKK confirm got mix with water one.
So diluted!!

OKM with a handsome gay next to our table.

Hmmm, I think he likes my boyfriend.
Eh, don't anyhow touch touch his chest okay!

So happy!!

On the cab, going back.

Went to the convenience store across the road to get water!

Don't ask.

Super fun night though I was super exhausted!!

Will continue day 2 & 3 another day.

Now rushing out for dinner with boyfriend, brother, birdie & my mom + dad.



  1. hiya! whats the name of the amari watergate tailor? :) is the quality good?

    1. Hello Drea, its called PAUL FASHION. :) At level 2. Yes the quality and all is good! My bf and our guy friend OKM, all v satisfied w their tailor made items.

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