An afternoon date with a doll.

My dear girl, Bird, took an off day & we went out to town for lunch + shopping. 

This was when I was still flying, so it was quite hard for Bird & I to meet up because she is working + I'm always all over the world.

So the sweet girl forsake 1 of her off days just to hang out with me!!

My lunch!
At Takashimaya's basement. Quite nice leh.
You see the rice got a lot of salmon mashed together one.
& if I'm not wrong this set is quite economical also.
Less than 15 bucks?

After that was dessert at Paris Baguette. 
The cakes were just very mediocre. 
Won't go back for it.

The only yummy thing was the egg pudding!

With my pretty sister-in-law. Hehe.

I still can't believe how a guy could ask if we were sisters.
Are you blind?!!?!
Which part of my super cheena face resembles bird's ang moh features? 

So much love for this girl. 

For those that are on my instagram: @lianmeiting, you would already know that my brother just proposed to bird last week!!

& here is her huge ring.

In your face.
Damn big & SPARKLY can!!

Bird doesn't wanna the whole world to know how huge her ring is. 
But here's a hint.

Above 1.5 carat, below 2 carat.

That's just the MAIN center diamond.

If you were to add up all the tiny diamonds at the side, then confirm more than 2 carat liao.

My this stupid brother, spoil market lor!
Buy so big one.

Us in Ferragamo because Bird wanted to buy a hairband.

Huge ass mirror calls for photo taking.

Loving the floral romper I was wearing that day!
Got it from Amber Avenue!!
Love so many of the items I've gotten from this online store.
Cutting always damn nice + quality is superb. 

& here's the hairband she bought.
& she wore it on the spot.

After shopping in town, Bird brought us to have this cheap + super good Ramen at Tanjong Pagar.

The queue was quite long so we camwhored.

You see how long the queue was.

Boyfriend came along too!

I like this.
Left right also hug. 
& that's Michelle with just eyeliner. No heavy makeup also pretty!!

It is just a very tiny restaurant.
You eat, you pay, you leave.

The awesome Spam Musubi which they no longer sell.

Free flow of bean sprouts & eggs!!
I can easily whack half a bottle of bean sprouts myself.

I order the black pepper ramen with ALL toppings.

Tiki, Michelle & Birdie.
hHAHAA, look at bird's breast pocket, I stuck my iPhone into it & she just left it there. 
Super love this girl.

Last picture with her.
& it is my favorite picture of us.

So glad that you are a part of our family now.

Bought a new Celine bag that day at the FJ benjamin sale.
Super happy with my buy because this bag can hold so many things!!
I brought this for my Genting camping trip too. Damn convenient.

& here's what I got that day.
Heavy Rotation Eyebrow shadow from Watsons!
I super love this. The color comes on so easily & it makes drawing my eyebrow much easier & faster. Less than $20 only!! I've been using this everyday since I got it.

& the other one is the Acne spot treatment thingy I mentioned in my skincare video here.



  1. hihi! am looking around for rings too.. which shop was bird's ring from? thanks!

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